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  1. I have been in an on and off fantasy relationship with this player since 2016. Still keeping the faith.
  2. Short story: Pivetta is demoted to the Minors, I have no NA slots in my league so I decide to drop him to pick up Pineda, both because of today's match-up with the Blue Jays and for the weak division. Naturally he gets blasted today. Smh.
  3. This is a nightmare. My pitchers are consistently getting a double digits ERA.
  4. Thank God I found this thread. I have: Carrasco, Paxton, Pivetta, Nola. Fun week(s).
  5. another one of my pitchers gets blasted. Between Him, Paxton, Pivetta and this week Nola it has been a tough start of the season pitching wise.
  6. There is a discrepancy in Quintana score for the game played on March 30 between what appears on Yahoo and what is on mlb site. Any of you ever had an experience with this? Do you guys know when Yahoo corrects the scores? I sent them an email yesterday but no response so far.
  7. I hate the Mack trade and I hate what the Raiders have been doing this post season. However, chances are they will have overall better coaching than last year so they might coax a 8-8 type of season and be competitive in games. I don't get the overall direction of the team though: with a (supposed) franchise QB and an EDGE rusher on a HoF path they should have just secured them long term and built around them with the right pieces that would fit their scheme. Cap has been growing #$10m/year while rookie contracts stay the same, so they would have absorbed Mack's new contract in two years and kept young players coming. Instead they trade one of his two best players, throw away picks, sign unremarkable or over the hill veterans. Meh.
  8. I really wish he didn't disappear during my H2H Championship Semifinal.
  9. Starting him tonight, but not feeling uber confident.
  10. FWIW Brent Hershey‏Verified account @BrentHQ 15h15 hours ago More Early nugget from the Wed MATCHUPS col: Aaron Nola has a 1.89 ERA in 9 GS in 2017 on 5 days’ rest (as this one). Career ERA, 5d rest: 2.66
  11. Looks like he is coming back next week. Any thoughts about his upcoming schedule?