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  1. Another spot opened up. Rebuilding team but has good prospect capital
  2. reply here or email with questions or if interested
  3. we play h2h each category: avg, hr, ops; rbi, so, TB, runs. Era, k/9, k, svhld, whip, w, qs(subbed out for IP for this season only). Team is rebuilding, owner just left with no notice given, we play on fantrax. Some key lbpieces are: rendon,mcneil, Donaldson, Scherzer, Verlander, degrom. prospects are Cavsco, hoese, Walston and India with no 1st rd pick... team will require alot of overhaul and a dedicated owner
  4. Yeah trading in keeper leagues is the way to go. As said above. Theres usually trades guys can make to upgrade keepers always. Guy has 4 keepers, trades a 2 for 1 to upgrade his 3rd to a guy who has 1 stud and 2 decent keepers. Win-win.
  5. Echoing what others have said. Team isnt good. But theres pieces to like. So if you embrace the full tank and nail the 2 or 3 high 1st rd picks you get you may be okay in a couple years.
  6. How many teams and who was your 1st round pick??
  7. 0.5 ppr have mccaffrey pencilled in. Anyone have reasons I should consider Zeke or Saquon?
  8. I'd hold rivers, hes always reliable and a safe QB. Tough spot, Allen is rosterable but you dont really have much to drop besides Rivers
  9. Full ppr Dede Westbrook vs Hou Tarik Cohen vs DEN