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  1. H2H 12 team yahoo.....my instincts tell me to accept it. My team should be able to weather the storm until Ayton comes back mid December. Would love feedback. Thanks!
  2. Your two posts are really confusing. You commented not once but twice that people aren't contributing to this thread because they are just calling Buxton a bum, but what did you contribute to the topic other than to annoy long time readers like myself. I'm a Buxton owner and as long as the comments in some shape or form revolve around Buxton, I have no problem with them. Your two comments however were unnecessary and I wish they would stop in here and other topics as well. They all seem hypocritical to me.
  3. I currently have Matt Chapman and Ryon Healy on my roster but have to drop one due to a trade I'm making. H2H standard cat, who do you pick for the season? Now that Healy is back from injury and looking good at 1st, I'm torn between the two. Appreciate the help.
  4. 182.5 is correct...drafting in a yahoo pro league right now