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  1. I’d say the best value picks in this draft have been Stanton, Hoskins and Dahl Worst picks I’d say (for their value) Giolito, Realmuto, LeMahieu
  2. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t more panic in here. I watched the game today and this looks like Drake’s backfield moving forward
  3. I can’t believe what happened today. I don’t even think it was health related, I think the coaching staff just thinks Drakes better. That fumble did not help DJ’s cause I didn’t see him back in at all after that
  4. Did Tyler Boyd come back in? Saw he was down
  5. Tough to trust him if he is active tomorrow night. Hopefully this is a sign it’s not to bad and he’ll be full go week 10
  6. He sounds less optimistic himself then when he was banged up earlier in the year. I’d say he’s 50/50 to play this week
  7. With the team signing Morris is that an indicator that DJ will be out this week? I’m thinking it probably is, unfortunately
  8. As a Cooper owner I picked up Austin as a replacement for this week. Seemed like he was on the field a lot last week after Amari got hurt, and Cobb isn’t practicing either
  9. Think he misses next week? The bye is the following week, but it’s a big game next week against Philly
  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amari comes back in the second half. We’ll see
  11. Cooper is walking around on the sidelines
  12. If you have Edmonds also (as I do) you’re hoping DJ just takes the week off and comes back the following week healthy. If he does play you definitely have to worry about what his workload is going to be not to mention the chance of re-injury
  13. Yea I’m worried about him playing and his workload being scaled back and Edmonds being heavily involved