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  1. How much is he paying the people at ESPN to be projected for almost 15 points this week.
  2. Seattle's defense plan of letting Murray throw all day to Hopkins and making sure he gets no room to run is driving me nuts. Can't deny it has been effective so far throw.
  3. That chase down by Metcalf just boggled my mind, considering Baker is a pretty damn fast player already.
  4. Probably the only reason why he went off. We will all start him next week and he'll end up with 2 catches for 28 yards and 0 TD. Classic fantasy football.
  5. Another awful weak from my team. Really ruins my mood for the rest of the day. People might say why I take fantasy football so seriously when it is just a game. They don't seem to understand this "game" is a 24/7 job to me.
  6. Guys, AB will be lucky if he lasts past Week 10, relax.
  7. It's basically fantasy football in a nutshell.
  8. Epitome of high floor, low ceiling RB.
  9. He basically went from high-end WR2 to TD dependent boom-or-bust flex play.
  10. About to be 0-4. All I can say is my team suck donkey balls. Can't even blame COVID-19 for this week.
  11. I honestly forgot about this game until this thread.
  12. [...] Any chance he overcomes the Nagy factor?
  13. Maybe not a stash, but he is definitively a high-end handcuff who is worth...stashing.
  14. Announcers: Now game is not over yet... Everyone else: *changes channels*