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  1. Todd Gurley and Courtland Sutton for Josh Jacobs in a keeper league.
  2. I'm hoping this is just a mid-season slump and he will pick it up again near the final weeks when it really counts.
  3. For those in deep leagues, Jake Layman is an intriguing pick-up for the week.
  4. I figured he was owned in most leagues already.
  5. Bruno Fernando, in light of Collin’s suspension
  6. Up by 7, with Engram left while he has Barkley and Elliott. Basically Barkley and Elliot cannot outscore my Engram by more than 7. Sure loves my odds...
  7. I wonder if the return of Oladipo will affect his value.
  8. I would be worried if Jazz isn't doing well. But they are 2-1, so Gobert should bounce back eventually.
  9. I'm chalking this game up to Jrue not liking Canadian air...hopefully.
  10. He just went 1st round, 9th pick overall in my ultra-competitive 16-man league. I had the 13th pick and I was jokingly telling people I would trade my entire team for the chance to pick Zion. Not sure if that had any influence on the guy, but that is probably the earliest I've ever seen him go in a competitive league.