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  1. I guess the Warriors made sure that if they cannot win the championship this season, then no one else can.
  2. As Gobert owners in fantasy, should we all get ourselves checked out or something?
  3. I honestly think he probably will go on a tear during fantasy play-offs, but most of his owners will be watching from the consolation brackets.
  4. You should be more specific with Green. Thought you meant Danny, which gave me a WTF.
  5. Watching his tapes, I feel like his game is built on being scrappy and out hustling the opposing team. Which is another way of saying I think he'll be useful until other teams figure out ways to stop him. Then he'll be pretty useless. But in order for teams to pay that much attention to him, he'll need to continue playing at this high level, which is of course what we want. This is kind of like a Catch-22 situation. I guess I'll ride this train until the wheels fall off.
  6. Isn't this line pretty much the norm for him this season.
  7. Just got him off of waivers in a 16-team league...burned my No. 1 waiver on him though. Praying for the best.
  8. Getting minutes as the back-up to KAT. Was undrafted, but showing real promise as a big who can shoot the 3. Not standard league material quite yet, but worth a look for those in 14-team+ leagues.
  9. I like the minutes, but he really needs to work on his 3-pointer. I watched the game today and observed that his form is way too slow for an NBA guard.
  10. It's unfortunate how generic this guy's name is. I thought he was a completely different player on a different team.