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  1. Stand pat and go for Steelers on waivers. Carr is the qb I would throw back if you need to clear up log jam.
  2. can only play 1: Montgomery (@phi) hyde in london v jax shady (hm vs minny) 0.5 ppr
  3. go get zeke--you can find a flex along the way. jets are a dumpster firer
  4. 0.5 ppr Michel (v was) or McCoy (v ind) alshon (v jets) or banged up ty hilton (@KC)
  5. is michel hurt? up 23-0 and not using your best pounder to grind out the clock. passing on every down.
  6. he's not in the lineup tonight. anyone think he's coming back? 1. David Fletcher (R) 3B 2. Andrelton Simmons (R) SS 3. Albert Pujols (R) DH 4. Kole Calhoun (L) RF 5. Kevan Smith (R) C 6. Brian Goodwin (L) CF 7. Michael Hermosillo (R) LF 8. Jared Walsh (L) 1B 9. Luis Rengifo (S) 2B
  7. this. i'd like to keep him on my roster for my fantasy team's morale in the clubhouse, but if he doesn't get placed on IL I will have no choice. I need his roster spot.
  8. does anyone know of an update for this clown? is he supposed to come back for a few starts or is he shut down?
  9. 4/5 with 3 SBs in first game back. we missed you adalberto!
  10. HR in first game. made an error too. hopefully they stick with him.
  11. With all the trades/injuries/callups etc for the Rays lately, I haven't been able to detect a consistent pattern, but is he playing semi-regularly anymore? I could use his batting average boost and his positional flexibility is nice, but not if he only plays a couple times per week. Any Rays fans able to provide some insight on his PT?