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  1. good call to put backup rb in 4th and goal from 1 yd line. smh
  2. based on everything he's said over the last few years, does anyone believe a word arians says anymore? especially about RoJo...
  3. yes, he was tackled on the 1 today. could have been a much bigger game if he got in.
  4. I'm a drake owner too and ready to sit him down going forward, but it will be hard to bench him with a JUICY matchup next week vs the pitiful Jets.
  5. jones was getting chunk gains and they pulled him around the goal line again for vaughn. brady just threw a critical 3rd down pass to vaughn who dropped it, they had to settle for a FG.
  6. he had the one bad drop over the middle on the short pass, but I didnt see any others, admittedly I am watching 3 games at once so might have missed the other drops.
  7. the pick six that happened in the 1st quarter? sure bench your best RB in the 4th for something that happened 3 quarters ago.
  8. I guess RoJo breathed in a way that Arians didn't like because he was pulled for all the goal line carries on the last drive. Vaughn scored. Never have seen an RB get passed over so many times.
  9. makes absolutely no sense they didn't review that zeke probable TD. unreal.
  10. Listening to the broadcasters in the Ravens - Football Team game, they mentioned that Ravens coaches said they view Gus Edwards as their "closer" to get the carries at the end of the games when defenses are tired. Not what Ingram owners like to hear.
  11. and he gets subbed out a lot for edmonds in the red zone. I picked him early in my draft, this one hurts.
  12. Lost Week 1 and had Michael Thomas and Brees, so I decided not to wait around. Here is what I traded, but this was before the Godwin concussion news. GIVE: Brees Carson AJ Green Mike Thomas GET: Russ Wilson M. Ingram JK Dobbins Godwin Curious to hear some thoughts on if I panicked and sold too early or cut my losses at the right time with MT/Brees.
  13. is yarbrough supposed to get the bulk relief innings today after curtiss for TB? could be a sneaky pickup if looking for a win.