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  1. "Cops say Baker and Dunbar were allegedly hanging at a cookout -- playing cards and video games -- when an argument broke out and Baker whipped out a semi-automatic firearm. Cops say the men began to rob party guests ... with Dunbar assisting in taking watches and other valuables at the direction of Baker. At one point, cops say Baker directed a 3rd man -- who was wearing a red mask -- to shoot someone who had just walked into the party ... but fortunately, no one was actually shot. Law enforcement says the men made out with more than $7,000 in cash -- along with several valuable watches including an $18,000 Rolex watch, a $25,000 Hublot and a pricey Audemars Piguet timepiece. There are conflicting reports from witnesses about whether Dunbar was armed with a gun -- some say he was, others say he was not. One witness told cops they had met Baker and Dunbar at a party a few days earlier in Miami -- at which the NFL players had "lost" around $70,000. Our sources tell us the men had "lost" the money in high-stakes card games and other forms of gambling." Source: https://www.tmz.com/2020/05/14/deandre-baker-quinton-dunbar-robbery-miami-florida-nfl-giants-seahawks/
  2. Haha being from the same city, having the same profession, and going to college near each other is more than enough to build a strong relationship from. It could also mean nothing. I mean you don't need to see a past report that they were walking down the street holding hands to think they are close. I'm from the south and went to Auburn, I have close friends that went to Miss. St., Bama,etc. +/- 5 yrs of age. They could be the best of buds, they could also be absolutely foolish and kept each others numbers only if the opportunity for an armed robbery to get your stuff back arose lol.
  3. Both are from Miami. They both are from SEC schools so they've probably kept in touch, hung out a during game weekends, off-seasons, etc. All speculation on my part. I'm probably nitpicking but it is bothering me that all the reports on Rotoworld keep coming up with Baker as the headline name and not Dunbar. Just doesn't seem right IMO.
  4. Alomar, Bonds, Francona, Griffey, McRae, Schofield, Willsie Nolan Ryan struck out the father and son of these families during his 27 year MLB career (NOTE: He struck out Sandy Alomar, Sr. and BOTH of his sons lol).
  5. It's a solid list but I'd say Kluber definitely needs to be on there, at the very least ahead of CC. From what I remember CC was above average but not amazing during his time in cleveland. His outlier stat was what he was doing for how young he was, though.
  6. Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria are no doubter unanimous selections. Then it gets interesting... Zobrist, Kazmir, Snell (a Cy Young automatically gets you an honorable mention), Melvin "BJ" Upton, Aubrey Huff, Fred Mcgriff (did as well as anyone during his short time), and Carlos Pena all need to be in the discussion. With TB it's more about quality than quantity since we don't have the rich, lengthy history like other teams. Remember that the team has been a pro team for about a year or two longer than Tom Brady has been a pro player lol. With that said, my last two spots go to Price and Shields for their importance during our stretch of postseason success.
  7. Jason Bay, Aramis Ramirez, Prince Fielder, Carlos Lee I remember being consistent early round but not quite first pick guys. Closers like Gagne, Koch, and even that fun 1999 John rocker year gets an honorable mention. Rich Harden gets a special place. I’d always chase what he could do if he played. Always got hurt and I loved how he looked for all 7 games he’d pitch each year lol. I think he actually played one full year and was amazing. He was my kryptonite. And then my favorite MLB player of all time, Carl Crawford.
  8. JD Davis Shocked no one has said this name on this thread as he's probably the true sleeper I'm most excited about. -All the peripherals numbers are great -Path to playing time is all most completely clear now -Mid-20s HR guy in the minors to show a decent track record -27 years old, perfect age for a breakout -Solid numbers across the board in only ~400 ABs, has just needed a chance. -Mulitple position eligibility
  9. Not trying to hate (I actually like him a lot) and who knows could just be my eyes, but does not look "leaner" in that clip. Just my opinion
  10. joe mauer got me in a different way than probably anyone else. I am a huge Florida State college football fan. I remember I was bragging to my friends he was going to win a bunch of national championships and keep our dynasty rolling. No way he'd pass up football he was the next Marino! No way he could be as good at baseball as football. I think you guys know what happened next...
  11. Didn't see a thread on him, but I feel he'd personally be happy if this video was the first post about him this year. I love how he speaks his mind and some of his thoughts are provoking and should be expanded upon. Opening ST with some controversy. He's just here so he DOES get fined haha
  12. The big thing here is i think Shepherd might be out multiple weeks because this isnt his first concussion this year and also they play vs ARI next game and then @DET
  13. Has DTD next to his name on Yahoo! anyone know the story behind it?