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  1. in all seriousness I believe it’s Ben DiNucci. Played a Pitt for a bit then went to James Madison as a graduate transfer and excelled there. 7th round pick
  2. I truly believe (if he’s been dropped) Anthony Miller might be a thing again now that files is under center and Cohen is out. He’s not being mentioned but I see him being on waiver columns next week. He’s the add and Graham is fools gold.
  3. Duffy scratched for missing team flight
  4. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/rays-randy-arozarena-getting-reps-at-second-base/
  5. This. He’s mainly being used vs lefties and as a punch runner. The Jose Martinez trade was done to get this guy playing time. I think he’s talented enough he’ll play his way into getting regular ABs sooner rather than later. They’ve even been trying to work him into playing 2B a bit. Reminds me of a prime Pittsburgh Mccutchen.
  6. He’s made 23 career MLB starts and NEVER has allowed more than 3 ER (that’s a record). He’s had a quality start in every game this year (including vsLAD, @LAD, vsHOU, vsOAK, @COL) except the opener because of building up. You’d have to go back to May 19, 2019 at AAA in the PCL where he allowed 5ER and that was the only time in all of 2019 he had >3. By my math, he’s allowed more than 3 ER once in his last 40 professional starts (MLB, AAA-PCL) and that dates into 2018. I hope you were being sarcastic but if not (and to any doubters) he is LITERALLY the safest start in all of baseball lol.
  7. Welcome to Zac Gallen ownership, 2020.
  8. I am actually on your side of the argument where I'm meh too and have never really understood the hype around him. He does do all five baseball skills "good" or better with no major holes. Just to play devil's advocate let's not forget Mike Trout had 23 minor league HRs in 1126 AB then almost when 30/50 in his rookie year. By no means am I saying he's anywhere near trout and I know he's not as developed a hitter/overall player on call up date. Just saying, sometimes guys are projected to have "future" power and sometimes when they spend enough time refining their skills in the minors, they do things against what their minor league numbers show. The bat to ball skills make him worth a flier. The floor when compared to others making debuts seems higher than the guys we've seen get the call and look overmatched.
  9. If you want to go farther (and this is what really caught my eye)...last year he had 14 starts, 91.1inn, 1.77ERA, 0.71 WHIP, 112Ks IN THE PCL! That just doesn't happen. He made his changes last year and hasn't looked back.
  10. So is Bradley the guy in Cincinnati? And who takes over in Arizona?
  11. Lol let’s be real here the mariners probably got the better package for Nola. This was a buy low opportunity. This trade is like that fantasy guy that offers all his waiver wire fodder to an owner frustrated by Javier Báez’s slow start
  12. So they’re trading away big pieces of the future (trammel) and acquiring solid veterans (Nola, Moreland) and getting relief help (Adams, altavilla) in the pen. Padres showing they’re going for it all this year. You have to think when all the dominos fall by the deadline that gore is up this week right? Any thoughts?
  13. If you want a good comp...This guy is everything nick senzel was supposed to be