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  1. I've got CmC, Rhino and Barkley in a 3RB dynasty league. I predict a l of whining for the next couple seasons.
  2. In my 12 team 3 keeper I kept AR too (along w/ DJ and ODB) finished #11th as you might imagine. No way I can keep AR again and he's got zero trade value.
  3. Never thought in my 2 QB league I'd be rolling Eli and Tannehill in the semis. ARod and Rivers can sit this one out.
  4. Hoping we can get this one and one more W Eli vs MIA. signed, Saquon shareholder.
  5. He had 2 targets today. It wasn't like he had a 7 drop goose egg. This is a referendum on Dak more than Coop. Gilmore didn't have to shut down Cooper b/c Dak ignored him. w/e. I benched him today. There were signs. But he looked healthy all game long and will be in my lineups from here out.
  6. I'm feeling this too. The best route running in the world isn't going to shake a Hoodie shutdown scheme. Odds are Cooper gets the eraser, exotic blitzes pressure Dak into mistakes, and Hoodie just lets Zeke do what he's gonna do.
  7. at least he didn't say 'book it'. any time I hear that it's an auto fade.
  8. So all Thielen has to do is suit up and stand on the sideline to wreck Diggs production? smh.