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  1. Passing down back with an inaccurate QB isn't the recipe for sustained success. Chase is not the answer for the RB situation in Zona.
  2. I'm 2-3, about to be 2-4 unless Drake puts up like 50pts tonight. Here's the details to the league and trade that has been proposed to me: 10team, keep 4 (or keep a 5th and forfeit your first round pick), PPR QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, DST, Kicker My team: QB: Newton, Roethlisberger RB: Drake, Ingram, Mattison, Dobbins, Edmonds, Fournette WR: JuJu, McLaurin, Anderson, Thielen, Jones Jr, Jefferson TE: Kittle, Fant I've been offered the below trade: Thielen+18th round pick (last round pick, 14th after keepers) for McKinnon+GordonIII+8th round pick (4th after keepers) I know the news about Gordon is hard to wrap around, but is this a trade I should accept? Since the GM offered it to me I think I can probably get a 7th round pick instead of 8th.
  3. They are 0-2 in the last 2 weeks. Hopefully that's enough for the team to try something new. Murray only threw, what, 133yards? So having 41yrds to one player is still a lot of yards/share. You have talent Murray, just dump it off you little man! Side note, I love seeing Murray run because with his helmet on, he legit looks like a kid running for his life.
  4. I'm talking about college, why they drafted him essentially. Go back and see his scouting reports coming out of school (linked is one). He essentially was just incredibly raw out of school, and WFT did nothing to help him fix issues, and the decision-making, slow progressions, and inconsistent footwork (throws off his throw) were blown up because the team is just hot garbo from top to bottom. Then Haskins (clearly) hasn't done anything to try and improve in the offseason, or on his own, because he's gotten worse. He's almost afraid to go down field now. He had 14games starting in his career for an OP college and that helped prop up his raw talent, and mask his terrible terrible flaws. My argument is the team did nothing to help fix the flaws, and the player himself didn't either.
  5. He showed a good arm in college (deep balls, ability to have the nice touch for distance, has an arm to fit the ball in tight windows), but he lost his footwork often, he was slow in progressions, and his decision-making was inconsistent. He was a raw talent, and no one tried to help fix the mechanic/mind issues. And a poor set of pieces around him wouldn't help him out.
  6. He was incredibly raw when drafted, and went to the absolute worst team to develop a raw QB. Mismanaged, no offensive tools, poor line, no run game, terrible ownership, terrible coaching. Guy lost it all, and no one was willing to work with him and develop him.
  7. Wonder what the testing procedure there is to prevent a positive asymptomatic from going on a plane with the rest of his team.
  8. I'm dying with Drake. I can't believe how far he fell in usage even. At what point do defenses take away the 35 targets to Hopkins each week so other players in this offense can get some touches?
  9. It's almost like you have to sit him for the first 4-5 games of the season then start him when they realize "oh yeah, we have one of the top RBs in the league. We should use him"
  10. 0.5PPR, start QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex QB: Wilson RB: Mixon, Carson, Wilson Jr, Ronald Jones, Lindsay WR: McLaurin, Woods, OBJ, Parker, Gage, Jefferson TE: Kittle, Fant So I have at least 2 meh starters on the bench incase Carson can't start. But I have my lineup as below, should I adjust anything? QB:Wilson RB:Mixon, Carson WR:McLaurin, Woods, OBJ TE:Kittle Flx: Parker
  11. Bell has a difficult style of running for O-Lines that aren't disciplined or intelligent. So for a young, bench-level oline men, it's actually prolly not going to end well.
  12. Unless you HAVE to, he shouldn't be started until he has a game on your bench that you regret not starting him.
  13. Either do this, or have a week 18 allotted to any possible cancelled games due to COVID19 and have the playoffs start week 19.