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  1. Really curious how much of a discount this creates. 10spots? 15spots? Obvi it's league dependent but curious what happens.
  2. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 4OF, Util 5SP, 2RP, 2P 3BN, 2IL 10 Team, Keep 7 R, HR, RBI, SB, Avg, OPS W, ERA, WHIP, K/9, QS, Sv+H My Team: Bellinger (1B, OF), Martinez (OF), Altuve (2B), Albies (2B), Bryant (3B, OF), Pham (OF), Realmuto (C), LeMahieu (1B, 2B, 3B) Cole (SP), Buelher (SP), Bieber (SP), Nola (SP), Giolito (SP), Darvish (SP), Syndergaard (SP), Soroka (SP) Who are your 7 keepers from the above? I've also been offered: My Bellinger+Giolito for his Bregman, Harper, Clevinger
  3. At this point, why fire Kitchens? Go the rest of the year, tank out for a pick to help the line out. Fire Kitchens 1min after week17.
  4. Omg, bullet, for now, dodged. I can't believe the injuries this yr to top WRs that aren't typical "out for the year". Not missing the whole season, and playing hurt seems to be the trend in 2019. (I know it happens every year, but this yr is insane)
  5. I only have 2 guys on my bench that have games this week. Thielen and Henderson. I gotta play Adams.
  6. OBJ doesn't like losing, but he hates being ineffective more. See NYG. He was balling for fantasy for a couple of years, while having very little actual success. He got fed up with poor QB play before he got fed up with losing. Guy doesn't reallllyyy care about Ws and Ls. He cares about how he does.
  7. Should I wait to see if I can claim Ronald Jones off waivers? Out of the three, how do you rank the RBs? Henderson, Williams, Jones?
  8. Having Gordon, Barkely, and Montgomery, I think you have the depth to deal with moving Breida. But I think it's a lateral move to go to MB. I rather have Breida. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/785442-henderson-for-dwilliams/
  9. Can't go wrong their either. Sanu gone, lots of targets have to go somewhere. Hooper I don't think will fall off a cliff or anything.
  10. I rather go Engram for a 5th than involving 2nd round picks and moving away from Evans.
  11. Yes do it unless you have Bye issues coming up and NEED the wins. I don't know off the top of my heads the bye weeks of the players, but maybe look into that. But on the surface, 100% do it.
  12. 10 team PPR, keep 4 or 5 (forfeit first round pick if you keep 5). QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, Flex, K, Def QB: Watson, Brees WR: Cooper, D.Adams, Thielen, Edelman, Metcalf, Chark Jr, Antonio Brown RB: Bell, Lindsay, Breida, R.Freeman, Henderson Jr. TE: Kittle K: Crosby DEF: Chicago, Carolina I've been offered my Henderson+Crosby+15th+16th for Damien Williams+Butker (K) +17th round+18th round How much more do you value Henderson over D.Williams? Should I just stay with what I got? Bell's possibility of missing next week scares me too.
  13. Cause Gase didn't want an overpaid RB. However, it's dumb how a coach won't adjust what he does with the tools given. You see it so often in hockey where a coach has a system, and makes players play his system instead of adjusting the system. Gase is an idiot trying to smash a square peg in a round hole. But he's trying to do it with his feet and doesn't understand why it's so hard.