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  1. I am looking also for a cbs only dynasty /keeper orphan w team D, no idp for me,,,,,, cbs only ,,,,,, IF A ORPHAN COMES OPEN , E - MAIL ME,,,,,,,,, FLHV2@AOL.COM
  2. I may be very interested, but a 1000 entry is heavy & alot to invest,,,,i play only on cbs & a exp quality owner for 25 years,, is this league on League safe to distribute such a high purse,,,,,,,, jk,,,, flhv2@aol.com,,,,,,, is this league a dynasty/keeper format,,,,,,,, ? if redraft i am not int at all
  3. Keeper/dynasty or redraft ? i may be int if not redraft ?
  4. im waiting to hear from the commish,,,,,,, im int,,,,,,, e- mail me,,,,,,,,, flhv2@aol.com
  5. U need to do a dispersal draft & give a discount to the 3 new owner's & i suggest this year u start keeping a small pot to offer a discount for the orphanns,,,,,,,, i am interested,,,, i think,,,, the keepers aint very good,,,,,,im a quality owner & if i take over a orphan i would be a quality owner,,,,,,,,, e- mail me,,,,,,,,, JK central pa,,,,,,,,,,,, age 57,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, flhv2@aol.com
  6. I am interested,,,,,, i am a 25 year FFB quality team owner,,,,,i play only on cbs,,,,,, but these teams need a discount or s thin,,,,,,,, send me a e mail to flhv2@aol.com
  7. IS your CBS league a orphan keeper ? is your cbs league a redraft every year league ? i may be int in the cbs league if its a keeper/dynasty format, wbs,,,,,,, flhv2@aol.com
  8. I am lookin for the rite 75 $ to 175 $ entree fee to dynasty /keeper league on a CBS format,, no idp & no auction,,,,,,will consider a orphan or a new startup league ,,,,,, cbs format only,,,, my e mail is flhv2@aol.com
  9. This is a super fun contest & alot of fun tryin not to get eliminated, u pick 1 winner each week from the nfl games & then u cant pick that team again , its not ez to do, its alot of fun & suspence each week, its well worth the 25 $ in entertainment value alone, win or lose, highly recc this format & the commish & the payouts on time thru LEAGUE SAFE,,,,,, join this SP , its fun,but not EZ to win
  10. Does your league have all drafts ob cbs site ? do u have to be present at bowling green ? do u have online drafts , keeper or redraft or dynasty ?
  11. JB is a excellent commish, payouts on time from LS, top shelf league, highly reccomend this & all leagues that he runs,,,, save me a slot, i am in this new innuagral forever dynasty format league
  12. CBS Full blast DYnasty leagues are not very common, i really recc the rite owner to grab this 1 orphan at a discount & keep it forever & trade your older players for future draft pix or younger players & rebuild this team, ask commish for a dicount for this cbs 2 Qb super flex league, dynasty ffb is alot of fun rebuilding, it aint all about $ , its about entertainment of building a rostor & keeping it forever, the owners are a solid core & this is a very strong league run by a top shelf commish, payouts on time,,,, u will not regret trying to rebuild this team & enjoy it for decades,,,