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  1. I'm an experienced player. Looking for a dynasty league with a minors roster. Preferably 16 teams or less and hosted on CBS. Hit me up atyusko@outlook.com
  2. 12 team keep 8 h2h each cat fairly standard cats, we have OPS and QS added to the other standard cats. I'm trying to decide between keeping Ohtani and Matt Chapman. Who's your preference? Keeping as of now: Rizzo, JoRam, Rendon, Stanton, Marte, Severino, Taillon others that could be considered for the last spot, Daniel Murphy, Kenley, Tanaka, and Moncada
  3. hmmm that's tough, I feel like they will all hit in the low to mid 30's haha. I'll take Blackmon and Freeman.
  4. Haha thanks for the correction. Actually we are limited on the number of waiver adds we can have each week and this league is pitching heavy on the keeper front. Last year Taillon and Tanaka were the two best pitchers that weren't kept.
  5. Pitching is the hardest commodity to come by.
  6. x2 thanks for the help with mine.
  7. I'm going back and forth. Help me out. C - Contreras 1B - Rizzo 2B - Murphy 3B - JoRam SS - Peraza OFx3 - Stanton, Marte, Jose Martinez 2B/SS - Yoan Moncada 1B/3B - Matt Chapman UT - Rendon BE - Ohtani, Conforto, Russell SP - Mikolas, Taillon, Tanaka, J. Gray, Pivetta, Rodon, McCullers RP - Kenley, Parker, Dellin, Chad Green I need to keep 8. Right now I'm leaning Rizzo, JoRam, Stanton, Marte, Rendon, Conforto, Taillon, Mikolas. But I'm having trouble leaving Ohtani off even though he will only be a hitter this year. Help!
  8. Delete - sorry posted in the wrong forum
  9. Agree here, although I do like Trammel.
  10. For you and others saying to keep Ohtani, you do so knowing he doesn't pitch at all in 2019? I know his longterm upside is enormous, but is it enough to keep him knowing he will be a part time UT only player that will mostly play against right handed pitching? Thanks everyone who has responded?
  11. Please don't trade Severino for Profar. Also I wouldn't do Severino for Lindor either.
  12. Keep your entire roster, draft is only 5 rounds worth of prospects then waivers. I am still combing that, but there isn't much.
  13. Sorry autocorrect on my Mac got me. Should be Yordan Alverez instead of Jordan there haha.