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  1. Hi. In an 8 team points league. One owner auto drafted half his team and is really light on pitching (we carry 9 starters, he drafted 4). My rotation is weak too, Paxtons my sp1. Wheeler might be my next best guy. Think it's worth it to pick up potentially 100 more points over the course of the season from Freeman? How good do we think wheeler is going to be?
  2. Junis listed Tue vs DET Then next Mon @ CLE.
  3. Still owned in 97+% of leagues, I don't think you're going to have much luck finding him on the waiver wire. Staying on as a DH only is more of a consolation prize than an exciting add
  4. Versus one time fewer per game he can destroy a rally by striking out, which he does five times as often as he hits a home run? I've seen worse decisions come to fruition
  5. In a division with Boston, New York, and Tampa fighting for playoff spots, I wouldn't count on his opponents being checked out.
  6. How do I know that Price did those things? Cause all of these incidents have been reported by real journalists. Price shouldn't care what eck thinks. Price should be focusing on pitching, but instead he's reading twitter during games and trying to settle his beefs with any reporter he thinks slighted him. Shut up and pitch. But he can't or won't do that. And the media isn't even being that hard on him, the general consensus among the media has been let us do our job, you should do yours
  7. A sane person might pull eck aside and tell him how he feels, tell him to go screw himself, doesn't matter if its mean or not, talk to him man to man. Price is the middle school bully who waits to pull your shorts down in front of the class on the school bus when you can't defend yourself. And price DOES care what the media thinks, if he didn't he wouldn't waste his time messing with them. Blasting the stereo so the media can't record interviews, temper tantrums, screaming at reporters in the locker room cause they retweeted a link to an article during a game. Price is a crybaby and a bully, and certainly the most thin skinned player I've ever seen.
  8. Lol, I don't think anyone outside of Boston realizes how real this fake injury theory is. Its all that's been talked about on our sports radio stations for four days. John henry and the Sox do everything for PR sake.
  9. if you're not sure if you should start him, trade him to me. been waiting far too long for this to question him now
  10. Basically a mistake people learn about in 2nd grade... This has got to be these guys using like that Dragon Naturally Speaking software or something. To the ear the program hears "no" pronounced the same as "know" and they just say their blurb into the microphone and press submit