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  1. Having 12-13RB stay healthy just won't happen?
  2. freaking game was over before I found the channel it is on. I like the no days off format. Rewards the deeper team. Seems like every year the winning team has 2 dominate starters, 1starter that fleshes out the bullpen, and than a couple of very good bullpen pieces. This way the deeper team should win.
  3. Suppose the Super Bowl is played in the summer how would that effect the next season depending on when playoff games are played also? The NBA is also going to have this problem with the season still going on and you need time for regular offseason activities, preseason. FA signings, and etc. MLB with the shortened season thus year seems to have put itself in the best position to have a "normal" year next year. But unless a vaccine is found it seems next year no matter what won't be normal.
  4. Once things get back to normal (fans in the stands) expanded playoffs are good for the players as they get a % of post season receipts. More games would mean that total percentage amount would be bigger. Only some teams can afford to continually pay the large contracts and you have started to see mega contracts be fewer every year. You also see that signing a player to a mega contract does not put the team into the yearly playoffs. See Harper and the Philles that didn't make in a 162 game season or worse yet a 60 game one. As for the pitchers and 180 innings in 2019 there were about 31 SP who had that many which is about 1 per team. Players already are down total games played every year so doubt this would become a major factor.
  5. Would be easier to not paying contracts that are based partially on HR. Pay off OBP and other metrics that smallball favors. Players would change for the bigger contracts
  6. The expanded playoffs really don't bother me. I like an underdog story and this season there wasn't a bigger underdog than the Marlins. Read an article that the Marlins ended up making 170+ player moves during the 60 game season and Mattingly was meeting new players during games.
  7. A lot of that run differential came from 1 game 29-9 beating from the Braves. In a longer season maybe they wouldn't have made the post season but neither should the Cubs, Brewers, and Blue Jays.
  8. If you want both leagues the same just abolish the DH. J/K 😁
  9. Numbers made up? Or provide a link that shows a study proving that those are true. All the figures on luck or skill is just opinions and a lot that are based on league results are just small sample size in this thread. I have belonged to one league for 6 years and finished 2nd every year. Luck? Another manager has more skill? The funny part is in those 6 years there never has been a repeat champion
  10. Glad I had enough skill to draft him this Spring. 😁
  11. skill is not research though. Anyone can go to a site like Fangraphs and all the research is done already. For me I watch a lot of baseball to get to know the players. Is that a skill?
  12. Is the game going to mean anything to the Twins as far as positioning in the playoffs?
  13. If part of the decline is due to not being able to watch video that won't change next year. Also he turns 34 next August and father time is still undefeated. I am giving a pass for poor seasons this year but keeping an eye on those where it could be age related. Strange year and I wish there hadn't been a season as the fun seems to be gone this year