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  1. They are not FA but are able to collect unemployment because of a bill dealing with the virus
  2. Joe D in 1942 held out during Spring training for more money. Drafted in 1943 and stationed in San Diego to play baseball. 1944 transferred to Hawaii again to play baseball. The closest he came to seeing "action" was about 1000 miles.
  3. If there still are no fans in the stands for the playoffs (expanded or not) the players would get paid nada for those games.Players are paid a percentage of the gate receipts for playoffs I doubt the owners would reap any more from the extra as their share of TV revenue would already have been set for TV deals.. With the economy tanking selling ad spots for extra games would be iffy at best
  4. Been using home delivery for the last 5 years so this isn't something I am doing because of the virus. For this week I ordered 3 lbs of burger, 3 lbs of chicken breasts, and 2 butterfly chops. Been slowly building up a supply of meat for this winter when for me times get a tad tough (heating bills and snow removal). All three meat products were listed as out of stock along with all cleaning products. Guess the reports of meat processing plants shutting down have come true. Something for everyone to start looking out for. It just isn't toilet paper any longer.
  5. Just because they could be easily replaced doesn't mean the umpires aren't in the right in what they want to save what had been negotiated in the labor contract
  6. Another roadblock is looming no matter what plan they come up with. Umpire pay. MLB is proposing deep payroll cuts along with benefits and the umpires are thinking strike. Article was in todays' The Athletic.
  7. It was minor league agents and players though.
  8. Am I the only one looking at that tweet and seeing nothing about MLB? To me it says the minor league season hasn't been canceled. With the changes coming to the minors not canceling this year is news.
  9. The next thing that is going to happen is the food chain is breaking. Grocery stores are going to see a shortage of meat products. To many processing plants closing due to lack of following guidelines. The animals are ready to be slaugtered but plants have been closed.
  10. I'll admit that I'd forgot about that minor detail. Great point.
  11. tHEY SHARE 34 % of local TV money. So if a team made 1 million in tv money the other 29 teams receive around 11,000 dollars. So the original team keeps 660.000. The only way a club rakes on the ad revenue is if they own shares of the company that has the broadcast rights.
  12. I go to both the Mayo Clinic (today) and the Mayo Hospital (tomorrow) and it worries me just being around people, even if they stay 6 ft away. For the hospital my Dr is on the 19th floor. Being in a wheelchair I will need to share an elevator with at least one other person who I don't know how careful they have been. I can't imagine being in a crowd ever again. No more Twins games or concerts for me. I am 66, diabetic going through renal failure. Pretty much strike three but life had been good.
  13. What teams Media deals expire this year? Most, if not all. deals are for more than one year. For example the Dodgers was for 25 years when signed.
  14. Rangers starting this summer, Astros, Diamondbacks, Marlins, and Rays all will be playing in air conditioned stadiums.
  15. Doesn't herd immunity also helped along with a vaccine? Or without the vaccine are you content with the idea of 3+ people of every 100 dying?