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  1. Wouldn't have done either trade with the 50/50 shot of no baseball played this year. Figure at best it is a short season and just wait it out.
  2. Sign of the times in the old days people used to cough to cover their farts. Now people are farting to cover coughs.
  3. Keep 6 12 team QS +W 30inn min per week Scherzer 1st round Flaherty 2nd round Trea Turner 4th round Acuna 6th round Now comes the problem 2 Robert 17th round Hiura 16th round McNeil 16th round Lux 16th round Wander Franco 16th round FA as a keeper start in the 17th round, second one is in the 16th, and so on. Next year inflation is +2 rounds Started a rebuild last year after a poor draft and injuries hit
  4. According to an Astro's beat writer in the locker room Correa, Altuve, and Bregman were huddled together discussing if Kendrick knew what pitch was coming inferring that the Nats had stolen the signs. Seems like if you were cheaters you automatically assume that people are going to cheat you.
  5. Blanket immunity was the condition the union demanded to have any player testify. Without it the union wouldn't let any Astro player testify. Must be hard to be a fan of the Astros and know your shining moment in history will always have an * next to it. There is a minor difference between headhunting and being hit by a pitch. Marwin Gonzales is a player who benefited greatly in 2017. Will be interesting to see if he gets hit (shoulder and below) do Twins pitchers retaliate? If it comes out that Boston cheated to win in 2018 do the Dodger players still accept Betts.
  6. But do it for the Yankess after being signed as FA.
  7. How does the Dodgers not hitting prove one way or another if the Astros were stealing signs?
  8. How do you know they weren't stealing signs in 2019? For me, the problem is I believe nothing that comes from anyone associated with the Astro's team from the owner down to the bat boy.
  9. They are hiding behind MLB investigation by not answering the question (politician dodge). I wonder if it comes out that they did (and they denied wearing one during the investigation if the immunity would still cover the players.
  10. Toronto's hitting coach (Dave Hudgens) in an interview in The Athletic, has admitted to knowing what was going on with the Astros. He was the hitting coach for the Astros in 2017.
  11. Cole Hamels shoulder pain and shut down. Will be evaluated in 2-3 weeks.
  12. The joke becomes that MLB found a way to get two new stadiums built using public funds. Also it is still being floated around to other team owners.
  13. It would also have helped the Dodgers get down to the 40 man limit and without the trade to the Angels (and Betts/Price joining the Dodgers) they are at 42again
  14. Angels were rumored to be the team that backed out.