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  1. My boy made Adell and Ohtani look silly
  2. Dynasty PPR Was offered Aaron Jones for Flash Gordon
  3. Letting all the people knowThat he's back to run the show! Return of the MACK!!
  4. I had a feeling earlier in the year that Urshela would be preferring over Andujar simply for his incredible defense alone. Now I have no doubt in my mind. Total stud. Your new Yankee third baseman scooped off waivers. Please and thank you
  5. Better your bench than someone else's lineup 😂 Start him man! He's a stud.
  6. I don't see how he doesn't play over Andujar at this point. He's providing similar numbers with the bat and his defense is light-years ahead of Miggy.
  7. Officially scooped this stud. Cashman strikes again. Will be hard to remove him from the lineup with all these injuries and the fact that he's a lefty with good defense. Baltimore can make anyone look good so it will be interesting to see if this continues after the Yanks leave town. But with the amazing success the organization has had finding these bats, there's a relatively good chance this guy is Luke Voit 2.0
  8. Guy is straight up beasting. Steals haven't returned yet but I feel like he will be a legit .300+ hitter with 30 HR power going forward. Whenever I watch him he looks fast as **** so the lack of SB seems more of an organizational decision rather than Altuve being unable to run anymore.
  9. I am the Vladdy Whisperer. The hero this thread didn't deserve.
  10. Sat him for the first time all year. Goes 3-5 and looks like he just missed a granny. The breakout starts today.
  11. Deivi is being promoted to AAA after the Future's Game 💪