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  1. Will be batting second moving forward. Let's hope it increases his value.
  2. Andrew Benintendi becomes the 2019 Yelich and slashes a cool .310 100 R / 29 HR / 110 RBI / 26 SB
  3. Anyone been watching Astros games? Does he look hurt/stiff? Or is the timing just off?
  4. forgot to post this yesterday my body is ready ? take us to the promise land Ohtani clone
  5. Man, this guy started this season off so well too
  6. i hope benintendi is taking notes love these types of players <3 everyone getting rewarded with his play
  7. dropping this guy is an overreaction imo
  8. Manfred is a bozo I <3 Mike Trout
  9. what is this 40 club, he's hitting 50
  10. Tied the ML record for hit batters in an inning. Impressive.
  11. Do you watch his at bats Walker? Until he shows me he's getting beat and ML pitchers adjusted, he's a .300 hitter with pro-rated 30 HR potential THIS YEAR and a must start in one of the best lineups.
  12. Well with the confirmation that David Price will not be an option in the post-season, they really do need another SP
  13. 1. Adam Eaton (L) RF 2. Trea Turner (R) SS 3. Juan Soto (L) LF 4. Anthony Rendon (R) 3B 5. Bryce Harper (L) CF 6. Daniel Murphy (L) 2B 7. Mark Reynolds (R) 1B 8. Pedro Severino (R) C 9. Gio Gonzalez (R) P ??
  14. 20/20 last year hitter on a team with great chemistry and injuries who knows!
  15. Stop it. Soto doesn't steal. Trout stole 49 bases and hit 30 homers AND hit .326 as a 20 year old. lol.
  16. I like the timing of the move because if he sucks (probable) we can still make another move lol
  17. Can relate Offered my Albies for Goldschmidt People told me I was crazy