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  1. wow, thanks. So nobody worried about starting two rams WRs?
  2. Option B only. Thielen would be a great get and you need the WR help. I'm just not a buyer for Brown. If option B doesn't work, then decline and see if you can sell Mostert for any other WRs. If that's the best you can get, well I guess it depends how desperate you are, but i'm thinking Mostert is more valuable.
  3. I would do this, although can't see your team. Kenny G is a wr1 and Andrews a top TE. It could backfire, but Herbert has some good upside and I like this risk.
  4. Yea snag Herbert. Upside is great. Steelers will revert to more run heavy as the season progresses.
  5. Moss was droppable a few weeks ago. Until he plays and even then, you have to wait and see. Can't wait all season especially with byes and covid.
  6. I would pass on this. Ingram is useless. Like a lesser version of L. Murray and Julio isn't enough to give up Rojo on an improved bucs & Freeman who is getting all the RB work even despite the bad giants team. Julio is old, Ryan is aging, and your WRs look good.
  7. Yea probably a no, but it's close. I think it's fair, but i think i'd rather hold CEH in your situation considering how thin RBs are in general on the waiver and such. But not a bad idea to sell CEH. I think he loses passing down work to Bell.
  8. No, keep Jacobs. Sell CEH if you can. A Rob would be a nice get with his targets and all, but with Bell in KC and CEH's lack of tds, I would hold Jacobs even in ppr. Gibson & Moore for A Rob. Or Gibson & Ridley.
  9. Freeman standard or ppr. Freeman has no competition. I get that Edmonds has that upside since Drake is sucking but I think AZ rb situation will be a comittee all season and Freeman gets all the work for Giants. Even though Giants suck, I like Freeman's floor more than Edmonds. Giants will put up some points against bad nfc teams.
  10. Yea idk, probably a toss up. My gut tells me Gibson. I think Gibson will get more involved in passing down work. But Miami is better and Gaskin has been getting plenty reps. Probably safer with Gaskin.
  11. Yea i like Jacobs side better. Then you have Cook + Jacobs combo and can just play tonyan or stream TE. TE has been bad for everyone and some are saying Kittle might be held back for more pass protection given the qb play so that will hurt Kittle overall fantasy value. I like Drake/Juju side more than Julio. Julio getting old and Ryan has sucked. Julio over Juju, but when you throw Drake in.
  12. Tough one. Terry is a stud on a bad team and still getting targets. Miami riding high after scoring lots of points but do they do that every week? What's Parkers target share? I'd stick with Terry probably.
  13. Stuck & really overthinking on who to start / sit. I'm 1-4 in my 12 team, half ppr league and must win now if I even want to cling to some hope of playoffs. See my current starting lineup below + bench, followed by questions. WHIR w a link. Thanks. QB- J Allen, RB- R Mostert & J Connor, WR- O. Beckham & Kupp, Flex - T. McLaurin, TE- Shultz, D- Rams, K- Gonzalez Bench - R. Woods, L. Shenault, P. Lindsey, D. Harris, H. Henry (bye), L. Jackson So i'm currently leaning on... ~OBJ vs Steelers for his upside and he has been getting targets + no Chubb & thinking it'll be high scoring (he was sick, but sounds like he'll play) ~Kupp vs niners because he is getting most targets out of the slot, niners D gave up a lot of points to passing, but i'm thinking rams try to run more, throw more conservatively? So who should I flex... ~Leave T. McLaurin in vs Giants. Giants will have their best cover guy shadowing Terry and Washington qb play has been a mess. But Terry is a stud & Allen better than Smith? ~Get Woods in vs niners? Woods getting less targets these days despite being able to turn some fantasy value out of it. Last week points was one 50 yard play. Does he blow up? ~L. Shenault vs Lions. Sounds like Chark is out is this guy has been trending up even with Chark in. Shenault has quietly provided nice floor last 3 weeks. Will he continue that? ~P. Lindsey vs Pats. Wasn't even really considering this until I heard Gordon was out so Lindsey will potentially be lead back. This is probably least likely for me. Idk? Any other switches you'd make??? Help. WHIR w a link.