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  1. Keep Snell and Giolito to go with Max.
  2. I like Castillo & Meadows. Starting off with two stud aces is nice.
  3. My first reaction is that team 2 is best. But 4 right there and maybe slightly better. Don't see Degrom up there either. Must be a bad staff except Degrom.
  4. bump. no responses. Will respond if link left
  5. Completed a draft last night. I kept Snell in the 7th, Darvish in the 11th, & Tatis in the 15th. Picked 10th in a snake draft, and after Degrom went, I went with Buehler / JD Mart as my first two. So how does my team look? What are my potential weaknesses? Thanks in advance. WHIR a link. Team and league details below. C- Mejia, 1b- M. Olson, 2b-S. Kingery, 3b- J. Donaldson, SS- A Rosario, OF- JD Mart, E. Rosario, T Pham. UTL- Tatis, Bench: K Davis, A Garcia, W Myers. SP- W Buehler, B Snell, P- Darvish, Gallen, Ray, RP- Workman, Luzardo (can plug into rp). Bench: M. Keller, M Kopech 12 team league, 7x7 categories h2h. (r, 2b, 3b, HR, RBI, SB, AVG & W, CG, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, QS). Total cats win for the week goes toward 1 win or 1 loss in overall record. As you can tell, I know i'm punting saves. Also, i guess i'm sort of punting catcher position. Otherwise, hoping to dominate in other cats to eek out a win each week.
  6. Greetings everybody. Been a while since last season. This season is starting quite interesting to say the least. My first question is in regards to coronavirus and moving injured players up the draft. We are having our draft tomorrow rather than postpone it. The league debated, managers voted, and a majority decided to keep it tomorrow. I think the general consensus was that it would be a nice distraction from depressing news. Besides, everybody at an equal disadvantage of not knowing when and if the season starts, if it'll be a shortened season, and injury related news. So back to my first question, would you all move top notch injured players back up your boards? Verlander, Sale, Clevinger, Judge? Others? Second question is i'm drafting 10th and all teams can keep up to 3. So i've kept Snell in the 7th, Darvish in the 11th, and Tatis in the 15th. I was considering trying to lockdown another ace such as Degrom but not sure he'd fall to me. So many variables, but thoughts on going Buehler/JD with 10th and turn around pick? Or I could snag Verlander now that season is going to start later and he'll have time to heal? Sorry my questions aren't concise. Haven't posted in a while. As always, will WHIR w a link. I'm just getting back into. Hope the season happens soon though. Thanks. 12 team league, 7 x7 categories league (runs, rbis, HR, 2bs, 3bs, AVG, SB & WHIP, ERA, Ks, Ws, QS, CG, SV)
  7. Thanks all. Lamar most likely the keep. And yea, only 1.
  8. I posted quite a bit on here so thank you everybody. The team below won the big money league, but more importantly, the coveted trophy. Although I played the waiver, it was the guys that I drafted that got me through to the end. My draft day team isn't too different than now. Last question of this season & maybe first question for next season is who to keep? But thanks again. QB~ Lamar Jackson (aka league winner) ~ 3$ RB~ Chris Carson ~ 24$ RB~ Leonard Fournette ~ 30$ WR~ Diggs ~ 26$ WR~ A Robinson ~ 13$ TE~ Goedert ~ 3$ Flex ~ Mixon ~ 32$ (Can't keep since was kept this season) K~ Butker ~ 3$ & Defense ~ Broncos ~ 3$ Bench ~ Singletarry~9$ , J Allen~3$, Griffin~3$, Penny~3$, Slayton~3$, Bills~3$ 12 team league, 1/2 point ppr. Auction draft. Keep a player at their price the following year and up to 1 extra year at a time. Price becomes deducted from 200$ budget.
  9. waller Baker in a great matchup, Edleman, Singleterry.
  10. Fournette, Gurley, Jacobs....tempting to start Singletary even in the tough matchup. Watch Jacobs pre game and get Single in there if Jacobs doesn't go.
  11. Diggs targets could go down with Thielen returning. Plus its a tough matchup. Slayton has a ton of targets over last 4 games, good matchup, but theres Shepard & Tate.