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  1. Yeah they already had to move Josh bell to 1B
  2. Surprised to see there was no thread started on this guy. Pirates drafted him 9th overall in the 2013 draft, has him 27th on their top 100 prospects list. Georgia high schooler Austin Meadows is an outfield phenom who attracted a great deal of first round attention in MLB's 2013 first-year player draft before falling to the Pirates with the ninth overall selection. A phenom with five tool talent, Austin is one of the fastest baserunners in the country, with speed that would make him one of the fastest players in pro baseball if he can get the rest of his game to half that level. His swing is promising, featuring a smooth and easy load with the makings of real plus power from the left side. He's been compared to players like Andre Ethier and Jacoby Ellsbury, and not without reason: few ballplayers blend across-the-board abilities like this. The only thing that might keep him from a minor league roster is 2014 is his commitment to Clemson University. That was obviously written a while ago but I haven't seen a whole lot on him. What does everyone think about him?
  3. "We're not going down. We're going to win this game tonight," Bosh said Sunday. "We're going to come. We prepare like we need to do. Plain and simple, we're going to win this game." And he backs it up with 13 points(on 14 shots) and 7 rebounds