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  1. 1 point PPR. Need to pick 2, one for WR and the other at Flex: Snell Golden Tate Marvin Jones Deebo Samuel Tate sounds like he'll be back, and he has Eli throwing to him. Pretty unsure this first week of playoffs. Leave a link and I'll help you out
  2. I'd go with Kupp & Sutton Carson & Fournette And flex go Kenny Def MIN thanks for helping with mine
  3. Sanders and Carson is who I'd roll with
  4. Carson and Evans
  5. I'd go with Fuller this week
  6. I'm needing help with my lineup this week. ESPN league 1 point PPR. QB – Wentz vs NYG or Garoppolo @ NO Leaning towards Wentz here. RB – Kamara RB – K. Hunt vs CIN WR – M. Evans vs IND WR – Marvin Jones @ MIN TE – Henry @ JAX or Doyle @ TB Probably will roll with Henry here DEF – GB vs WSH And for Flex I have these guys to choose from: RB B. Snell Jr @ ARI RB D. Montgomery vs DAL - kind of an up and down guy with not much upside RB T. Coleman @ NO - going to avoid him WR G. Tate @ PHI - he is dealing with injury so might avoid him. RB Penny @ LAR - had a great game, but unsure of a timeshare. WR D. Samuel @ NO Also, MIN and IND defenses are free agents I could grab, but feel pretty good about GB Leave a link and I'll help you. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for all the input, some conflicting advice. Wish I had the crystal ball for when Tate would be back, hopefully some news will break soon
  8. Wow you’re in a similar situation as me...basically Hunt or McCoy. I’m still undecided and wish I had some new info to share with you, but from what I’ve read those two are kind of a wash so I’d probably stick right and go Hunt thanks for helping me
  9. 12 team PPR league. right now I’m borderline going to make the playoffs. Need to figure out my FLEX spot. My options: Start: K. Hunt, or R. Penny or drop Golden Tate or one of those two guys and pickup one of these options to start: McCoy Snell Darrel Williams Debbo Samuel AJ Brown
  10. Luke "Stone-Hands" Stocker. No clue why Ryan keeps throwing to that guy. Matt was locked in on Julio most the game. Ridley will get his
  11. I also have Fuller and Hardman on my team. Both on my bench, but if I had to start one it'd be Fuller for sure. Fuller is the safest, but if you need a potential boom guy then roll with Hardman this week. Fuller ROS
  12. Any updates on him? We going to be able to start him week 3? I grabbed Dissly as a backup, but would like to drop him if Njoku is good to go.
  13. Hmmm, not sure how to edit my original post, but I forgot a player on my bench. I have Njoku (TE) on my bench. He got a concussion last week, so I grabbed Dissly (dropped Hunt).
  14. I'd drop Duke for Lindsay asap. Then you can mull over who you might want to drop to pick Duke back up...someone in your league will/should grab Lindsay Help with mine?