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  1. Yes Jacobs got hurt, just not sure how bad it is
  2. Thanks for all the input guys. I replied to all of you that left links
  3. I'd rather keep Goedert over any of those guys. If you are for sure wanting to dump him, then go with Hurst
  4. I like Sanders and Taylor. Then for the last one I like Mostert with Golladay slightly behind him. If any news is mentioned about Mostert not going 100% the. Go with G
  5. I also have Mostert and am not starting first week back. Go with Gibson and Fuller Help?
  6. I'd make that trade easily. Sets you up nice for playoffs Help?
  7. I'm almost in the same situation as you. I'm still undecided, like you, but am leaning towards Diontae. I figure if they all have tough matchups, at least I'll have a reason to watch the game on Thursday
  8. I'd take side B since it's PPR
  9. 1 point PPR. Hopkins is my WR1 and I need to decide who to start at WR2 and FLEX. Pick 2: Diggs vs LAC Allen Robinson @ GB Diontae Johnson vs BAL Justin Jefferson vs CAR Diggs seems like a no-brainer to start. Having a really hard time deciding between the other three for the last spot. WHIR