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  1. Thanks for the great start to my week Quintana
  2. With Melancon due back at the end of this month, what's the chances of him being thrown into the closer roll and being healthy? I currently own Strickland so I'd hate to lose the closer situation in SF. I'm in a pickle right now though. I've had a ton of people hit the DL and I'm not so sure I can hold Melancon. Starting to think he's not worth the DL stash. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the insight. My strategy is to focus on R, SB and average. So with him leading off, he could produce a good amount of runs if he can stay there.
  4. I currently have Desmond at 1st and Zimmerman is sitting on FA after someone cut him from the bad start. Desmond has been horrible and I'm tempted to make the switch. What's everyone's opinion? Hold tight with Desmond or drop for Zimmerman?
  5. You would think. I'm going to guess yes but that's just my gut feeling. I have no actual proof lol
  6. I've been very successful over the past 4 years using 2 different strategies. Both were used in H2H 5x5 weekly leagues. The first one I used was very demanding managing wise. Basic concept was stacking my hitting and not drafting really any pitching at all. Then every Sunday, pickup every 2 pitch starter that I could for the following week. This would allow me to take W's and K's most weeks. Also keeping up with closers, always having at least 4 to ensure saves. So I was pretty much punting ERA / WHIP every week. The demanding part was trying to maximize my pitching with the limited moves every week (6). I never won a league using this method but I did finish 2nd and 3rd the two attempts I gave it. After two long seasons of that method I looked hard into something else that might be easier and less time consuming. I forgot where I read it but it was labeled the CARS strategy. Standing for Closers - Aces - Runs - Steals. This focuses on categories that go completely against the grain of most people's draft. Loading up on all pitching to include stud closers. While in the back end of the draft get the boring hitters who have no power and steal bases / score runs. I dominated pitching every week without doubt, no one could really match me at all in pitching. Meanwhile I would always win steals and also managed to win runs about 60% of the time. BA would always be a toss up but I tried to keep those low average guys off my team. It was a boring strategy but I would win mostly every week 6-4. I did this the last two years and won the championship both times. I love this way more than my first strategy because it's very little maintenance. I'll be doing this again this year, I'm excited for baseball to start!
  7. My first week of the playoffs last week, my team decided to go off for 12 HR total. It was only the 3rd time all year I won the HR category. When that happens, there is no way I lose the week. I easily cruised to a 8-2 victory. Today is the last day of the championship. I am holding a 6-4 lead currently and should win baring a miracle comeback from my opponent. I hold the tiebreaker so that's a huge problem for him. Can't believe I will probably win again this year using this strategy. But I'm not too surprised, these managers in a 20$ buy in yahoo pro league are a bunch of morons. I could probably have done any strategy and won this league. Makes me wanna do more 20$ leagues next year but baseball is such a long season and a pain at times. Anyways thanks for anyone who has cared to read. Have a good day.
  8. I didn't keep the thread updated this year because I took a big step back. I wanted to spend less time managing the team to see if I could be just as successful. As I mentioned in the first post, I only did a 20$ pro league instead of 100$. And my prediction was right, much less competition overall. My record was 132-79-9 and finished in second place. My pitching starting pitchers really didn't change all year. I just had to grab some new closers along the way. As far as hitting goes, my lineup is completely different minus a few players. This strategy is so effective and so easy to manage over a long season. I got the first round bye for being in second. I'm currently matched up vs the 3rd place team in the semifinals. I should beat him and I'll move into the finals hopefully. I highly suggest this strategy to anyone that might be sick of the long grind of fantasy baseball.
  9. Sitting again. He's only started 4 of the last 10 games. That's hard to justify holding onto him for a redraft playoff h2h format. Anyone know what's going on?
  10. I've been waiting since June to get hot. Look at the numbers. After the all-star break he's hitting a crap .197 average. And before he hit .303 but with really no counting stats outside of runs. So a 2 cat player. He's going to get dropped and I hope my opponent picks him up. I like my chances better of him hurting his team more than helping.
  11. He's sat so many games lately, what's going on?