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  1. After watching those videos of him in that article, I would probably say he will be back around the ASB. I bet he continues to get treatment and strengthen the knee, while also playing in the minors getting his timing down. It’s lookjng like July at best though for activation IMO
  2. Is it time to start picking him back up? Looks like he pitches tonight and will be back up with the Braves next week.
  3. Nimmo isn’t going anywhere, Bautista is the one losing PT. I’d expect Nimmo to continue hitting leadoff for the ROS
  4. Well the call up watch official starts tomorrow, June 1. Super 2 is sometime this month so it could be any day now that he gets the call
  5. I would assume Crick takes over based off he’s been pitching the 8th. Heard a few podcasts mention him as well
  6. I believe Syndergaard had a Lat tear. Reyes has a strain which I think could heal in a month or so and then require a rehab stint. I think we’re looking at max 2 months out. Probably returning late July early August
  7. I expect him to be activated this weekend
  8. I would assume he’s getting called up next month. It’s definitely not a matter of if,but when? I’m thinking mid June after Super 2 passes
  9. He’s starting for the cardinals next week! Against the Brewers
  10. Early June is the super 2 so that’s the earliest
  11. He’s crushing and on one of his hot streaks. Just scooped him up and gonna ride it till it runs out. But if he keeps mashing then I can see him staying at 1st base and hitting 4 or 5 in this great lineup
  12. Nice little return for him today! 3-4 with an RBI. Pirates are leading the NL in runs scored and he hits leadoff. Nice spot to be
  13. This guy should provide decent value while DeJong is on the shelf. He has multiple position eligibility at 1st,2nd,3rd and now SS. His numbers were very nice last year when he was allowed to play. Low key nice pickup for those looking for help
  14. Looking like Anderson forsure now. He got the save on Monday vs Houston’s heart of the lineup and hasn’t pitched since. Johnson pitched 7th yesterday, Bedrock 5th today and Parker 5th and 6th today.
  15. It’s definitely either Anderson or Parker for the Angles. Johnson pitched in the 7th yesterday and got rocked
  16. Kopech dealing tonight! 7 innings 9 ks no runs and only 2 hits
  17. He needs to be hitting 3rd in the lineup. Hanley is having to many inning killing DPs
  18. Do you have a link to that article? Can’t wait till he’s up. Been stashing him for weeks
  19. Don’t see Melancon getting his closer role back. Hunter Strickland has been outstanding for the Giants and there’s no reason to remove him. Melancon hasn’t been healthy in over 2 years so I think the Giants will take it easy with him and use him earlier in games.
  20. Looking like J. Anderson is the closer, especially with Parker pitching last night with them losing in the 9th
  21. I think this outing shows that Ramos is the true closer. He was the one warming ready to come into the 9th when it was a save opp in the Top of the 9th. Also the fact that Kapler left him in to finish it off proves to him that he trust Ramos.
  22. expect him up come mid June
  23. Neris is Neris and will eventually bomb out... I expect Ramos or Dominguez to take over soon. Ramos first as we saw today and he looked nasty.
  24. That’s some Bull... I expect Ramos to win out in the long run