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  1. Save opp coming up for the Phillies! Let’s see who gets it
  2. Do we expect a chance pretty soon in Atlanta? Sounds like the Braves don’t won’t Viz in the 9th and are looking for a way out to move over to Winkler?
  3. I guess we’ll really know what’s going on next save opportunity
  4. He got the job done so that’s all that matters. I guess Anderson is the pick up.... lol
  5. Save chance for the Angles coming up, they mentioned Anderson warming up in the 8th. Let’s see who comes out for the 9th. Top of the lineup for the Astros.
  6. Next outing should be around 90-95 pitches and then it’s showtime! Still expecting a call up the last week of May or early June
  7. Update: Reyes is through 4 innings and has 9ks with 60 pitches thrown. Can’t wait till he gets a rotation spot come June!!!
  8. Parker is the arm to grab! He was supposed to be the closer to start the season and now he’s found his grove. He’s ready to take the reins and run with it
  9. Looking for the same, I expect we hear something today about his status. I expect him to be activated this week
  10. I think people should also be adding Parker for the Angles. Been pitching well recently and could run away with the job, especially with Middleton having elbow issues.
  11. Closer monkey doesn’t know anything that we don’t on here. It’s all guessing at this point
  12. I’m thinking it’s Parker this time around. That’s who originally should have had the job coming into spring training but then he was awful. Jim Johnson can’t pitch quality innings long term so I’m thinking they stick with Parker. He’s been pitching the best recently. Thoughts?
  13. So is it time to scoop him up in redraft leagues? The way he’s hitting the Blue Jays can’t ignore it and not call him up. I’m expecting a call up in June. Thoughts?
  14. This guy hits leadoff for the dodgers. He’ll be fine. Buy low if possible
  15. O’Day just pitched in the 7th down 4-5
  16. Looks like he might get the call tomorrow with the Braves returning to Atlanta
  17. When do we expect him to be called up? Looks like he’s starting to heat up at Triple A. Homered yesterday and went 2-3 today. I’m thinking he gets the call this weekend.
  18. I think he hits leadoff 1. Phillips 2. Trout 3. Upton 4. Pujols 5. Calhoun 6. Simmons 7. Cron 8. 3rd baseman 9. Catcher
  19. I'm holding and seeing how this shakes out. Change of scenery could be a good thing for him, especially in that lineup and Correa coming back. My guess is Maybin plays everyday and bats 9th
  20. Where is he expected to play? CF? If so does he offer any type of speed or is he mainly a pure average hitter? Do we think he'll play everyday over Granderson?
  21. Wow! Just picked him with Angels getting Upton and now he gets traded to Houston... I'm not sure if I should like it or not? He probably won't hit leadoff anymore...