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  1. I picked up Kela just in case he gets the closer gig. Any thoughts on if he might be the closer after the break? It seems like that's the way it was trending before he went on the DL
  2. There's no way they remove Reed from the closers role when familia returns this season. Reed has been lights out and 100 times better then familia this season. The chance he has is if Reed gets traded.
  3. I guess they didn't give it to him! Maybe it's because he didn't field the ball or possibly he didn't switch gloves. Sucks...
  4. Great News!!! I definitely need this to be the game he gets #10
  5. Just shifted to 2nd base on that shift they do when the pitcher bunts. Why didn't he get credited for playing 2nd this time!? We only need 1 more game
  6. I promise you he'll will back in the 2 hole tonight against the LHP Norris.
  7. This guy is super hot right now! In my lineup and producing everyday with counting stats
  8. He will still technically give us a 4 inning outing sometime throughout the week but now we have to guess which day that will be
  9. Roberts is an idiot! Maeda is by far a better pitcher then Ryu. Maeda has pitched really well when given the chance. I just don't understand this reason to put him in the bullpen.
  10. He's in my lineup tonight. I expect Hill to go 4-5 innings and Maeda to go 3-4 innings tonight.
  11. He's in my lineup tonight. I expect Hill to go 4-5 innings and Maeda to go 3-4 innings tonight.
  12. When are we expecting him to be activated? Tomorrow?
  13. I'm about to pick up Tom Murphy from the Rockies to replace Lucroy with. At least Murphy will provide pop and plays half his games in Denver.
  14. Go pick up Kevin Pillar for a replacement. He is the exact same player
  15. Hitting leadoff again today! Finally its happening. I traded for him hoping he would hit leadoff in that dangerous offense and it's happening. He could put up a lot of runs in that offense this season.
  16. He needs to hit in the leadoff spot! I think he feels more comfortable hitting there as a table setter. Plus he can steal some bags.
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this guy is the top pitching prospect in the minors this year expected to be called up?
  18. Just picked him up! With the way pitchers are falling this year. We could strike Gold with this kid! He's definitely electric
  19. Just randomly saying this but I would guess that Dahl will be back by the end of the month!
  20. Looks like they basically want him to skip a start! Wtf
  21. This makes it seem like we all have to wait till mid June to see him in the bigs right? Sucks but we waited this long... what's 1 more month.
  22. He needs to hit cleanup from here on out! Dodgers best hitters hitting 2,3,4!
  23. This kid is unreal!!! Can't wait to watch him all year! So electric as a player