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  1. We should be finding out pretty soon... probably in the next hour or so
  2. I feel a homer or two coming tonight against SF!! Especially with Samardzija pitching!
  3. Looks like Dave Roberts may be changing his mind!! If he continues to play well these next couple days he might stay for good.
  4. Still could be a sign they'll keep him up in the bigs. It's a good sign they sent down Van Slyke instead of Cody.
  5. Since Cody started his 5th game in the OF tonight will he gain OF eligibility by tomorrow on Yahoo??
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but with Devenski getting the last 2 outs in the 5th it looks like he's in line for the Win!! Go get em baby!!
  7. Cody is hitting lead off tonight!!! Let the show begin
  8. Are we assuming he won't be in the 8 hole tonight since he's going against a righty? I think he needs to hit higher in the lineup so they don't walk him to pitch to our 9 hitter
  9. I don't understand bagging this guy 8th. He should be hitting no lower then 6th. Possibly even 5th with the way Trumbo is hitting. I hope Buck switches this up sooner rather than later.
  10. Dahl will play almost everyday when he is healthy! Kid is a stud and there's no reason not to play your best players
  11. It mentions he's going to start swinging a bat and hitting at extended spring training this weekend. That's good news for me
  12. He looked ok tonight. I think it will take him a few games to get going and then he'll be hitting 1st in the lineup. Dropping Santana down to the 5 hole.
  13. Great News! Stashing him and waiting for him to start crushing soon.
  14. Any idea how games need to played at 2nd to gain position eligibility on Yahoo??
  15. He was supposed to have an MRI today to check up on his healing process. Any word yet?
  16. I just wish we saw him every other day or every 2 days. Sucks having to wait about 4 days for the Astros to put him in
  17. Figured I'd get this going since he's on my team. Sure hope he starts hitting soon. Really wish he hit higher in the lineup though. I would hit him 2nd in the lineup with his AVG and OBP skills.
  18. What are we hoping to get out of Dahl? Top 30 OF? I'm assuming he'll bat 5th and Story 6th
  19. He played yesterday but it looks like he went 0-3. Good thing is he didn't get hurt. You can check his stats under his Milb profile.
  20. With that being said where does he project to hit in the lineup this year with Brantley and EE in the lineup?? I'm guessing leadoff and Santana drops to the 5 spot. 1. Kipnis 2. Lindor 3. Brantley 4. EE 5. Santana 6. Ramirez