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  1. I feel bad for whatever team gets sucked in by Boras and pays this guy $300M+
  2. Horrible game against very hittable pitching like Gray and Shreve
  3. I think Cash would be willing to part with Frazier, Sheffield, and maybe Andujar. Perhaps a 4th prospect at a lower level. Even giving all that up, the Yanks would still have a very deep system, and they would get a second ace under control for a few more years. They also have Drury stashed in AAA who can reclaim the 3B job the team originally planned would be his. The Mets would suddenly be loaded with several high end prospects with immense upside. They still would have Thor and Sheffield is ready to join the rotation by April 2019 at the latest. Frazier gives them a high upside power OF who can play right now. We know Andujar can play right now. It really is a trade that makes a ton of sense for both sides. The Mets just need to think with their brain and not their emotion.
  4. Its kind of amazing to me that the Yanks are this good, with so many of their players underachieving on an individual level
  5. Not trading with the Yanks (assuming they laid out a great offer) is just idiotic. Most of my Mets fans friends who I have talked about it with recently all said "yeah if the Yanks offer a good package and its the best we can get? Make the deal". Thats what a smart organization should be thinking. Passing up on a good deal for PR reasons is why the Mets are where they are. Awful ownership. I have no doubts the Yanks would make a deal with the Mets if they roles were reversed. Cashman and Hal wouldnt care. They just would want to do whats best for the franchise.
  6. I feel like he is incapable of having more then one good game in a row. Such a big dissapointment.
  7. Dropped below .230. Doesnt walk anymore either. This dude is so overrated.
  8. Since its a road game, expect another 0-4
  9. Very dissapointing this year. Spare me the "but his run production stats are good" stuff. Nobody spent a high pick or significant auction dollars on him to be a .200 hitter.
  10. I think its more then fair to question why he basically has the offensive output of a backup catcher away from YS
  11. Anyone have any theories as to why he's Babe Ruth at home, and totally useless on the road? I know he had a big difference in home/road splits last year too, but this year its ridiculous.
  12. The Reyes single and Galvis weren't bad. Reyes had a seeing eye grounder up the middle that wasnt hit hard. Galvis bunted. Those two are forgivable, and a good pitcher would simply buckle down and get out of it against the bottom of an awful lineup. The Margot walk is inexcusable. The guy is hitting .213 and this guy tries to nibble as if it was Trout at the plate. Overthrows. Cant locate. The GS to Renfroe was just dumb. Hanging slider of the worst kind.
  13. Yep that is what seems to be the case. As soon as he gets a runner or two on, he just loses all confidence and looks terrible out there.
  14. He really hasnt been good at all since April. He strikes out a ton, doesnt walk, and doesnt hit for average. His only value right now is RS and HR's. Not what you expect from someone drafted high. Very dissapointing.
  15. What an embarassing meltdown. Total domination for 4 innings. Then in the 5th single, single, walk, force out, and leaves a slider up for Renfroe for a grand slam. Terrible execution and even a worse pitch call.
  16. Just grabbed this guy off waivers. Still debating on starting him tonight. Seems like a good matchup on paper.
  17. Anyone starting him with confidence tonight? I am on the fence. My team is having a very strong pitching week and I fear this dude blowing up my rate stats.
  18. Its not a slump, guys. Thats what some of you are missing. He hasnt been a good hitter since the end of August 2017. So we're talking about 3 months of below replacement level production. Thats not a slump. Its something more.
  19. Now below .200. Anyone still think this is just a slump?
  20. Hamels might be auditioning for the Yanks tonight. He could be their most realistic SP trade target.
  21. Finally a nice game. Build on it please.
  22. He doesnt use his fastball enough. Its just split, split, split, slider, split, split, fastball, split, split....so on and so on. Texas hitters have been sitting on his split all night. Laying off the ones out of the zone and pummeling the ones he leaves up. The splitter is ineffective if you dont use your fastball and play the split off it.
  23. He has stopped walking though. He has walked 3 times this month. At least before, he would get on base and score runs. Now its just 0-4 everyday. He's been useless the last 2.5-3 weeks.
  24. If he pitches bad again today I will be cutting bait