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  1. I think you answered your own question. If you really want him, grab him in the 2nd.
  2. I’m excited to toss more in here, but I’m going to start with my holy grail of baseball freezing cold takes. Some years back, I had a rookie Nolan Arenado that I drafted in dynasty. I really liked him and was excited to have him anchor the squad for a while. However, I had a few good options at 3B and was weak at 2B. So I made a deal to get a young, category filler 2B and sent Arenado back because “well, you have to give to get.” That second baseman I got was Kolton Wong. I still struggle to see Arenado go bananas year after year. Talk about the wong call.
  3. If you’re avoiding the risk of Robles to take another guy, I can’t say I’d sign off on taking Robert instead with the red flags in his profile. Pham is a good player but has also had stints of being completely unusable in fantasy. Laureano I’ll give you is likely a safer choice than Robles, but it’s not like he has a long, proven track record.
  4. Great value this season. Will be a runs machine at the top of the Phillies lineup, crush in OBP and have a decent average. Very real shot at 100/25/80 with maybe up to 10 stolen bases. As usual, I’ll give my stipulation from someone who has owned Cutch every year of his career- he’s going to SUCK in April. Don’t give up too early.
  5. This thread has way too much Kevin Gausman love for a thread not made by Brock
  6. This I totally agree with, the difference being Trea Turner helps you in so many other areas that Mallex just doesn't. A pure speed type I just don't think is worth the negative cost in other areas with less and less SBs being able to win you the category.
  7. I’m no Mariners fan but I undoubtedly would read a Cmilne Mariners blog religiously. As for Mallex... well, I own him in a dynasty and am tied to his long term contract in our league, so I naturally have to watch him each season. With speed becoming less and less relevant in fantasy baseball each year, it’s getting tough to justify the roster spot and draft pick with him. We have no way of knowing how the average is going to play out, but we do know the playing time will be there. North of 35 steals should be easy, but at what cost? If he stumbles into a home run you can’t help but laugh, and if the average is low he really is only going to help in a category, maybe a category and a half. He’s a fun little situational piece when I’m losing steals in H2H, but to me not worth the sunk categories in roto. Definitely not worth it in points leagues, where steals don’t seem to help much of anything. I’ll likely be passing in redraft this year.
  8. Hurts to see Marte go. This Pirates lineup is going to be absolutely dreadful this year.
  9. Hello all! I have a $50 salary and contracts dynasty that needs one replacement owner. The league is hosted on ESPN, utilizes Proboards and Slack, and uses Leaguesafe for all league funds and payouts. The team finished 10th last year but isn't necessarily a total rebuild. Highlights of the roster include Bryce Harper, Gerrit Cole, Kluber, Mondesei, Freddie Freeman, and JD Martinez. Salaries and contracts are determined by slow auction style bidding. I'll paste the full roster below, though note that going into the next season contract lengths (second column) will be shorter by one year. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions! Player Name Years Salary Bryce Harper 4 15 Aaron Sanchez 2 0.5 Roberto Osuna 2 3.5 Jay Bruce 1 0.5 Pedro Strop 1 1 Gerrit Cole 3 10 Corey Kluber 2 10 Robinson Cano 2 3 Aldaberto Mondesi 3 7.5 Freddie Freeman 3 13 Wilson Ramos 2 2 Kirby Yates 2 1 Mallex Smith 4 1 Mike Moustakas 2 3 Matt Olson 3 3.5 JD Martinez 1 18 Maikel Franco 1 0.5 Miguel Sano 3 2 Robbie Ray 3 3 Lucas Giolito 2 1.5 Luke Jackson 1 0.5 Marcell Ozuna 5 5 Scott Oberg 1 0.5 Hunter Pence 1 0.5 Luke Weaver 1 0.5 Jed Lowrie 1 0.5 Danny Salazar 1 0.5 Pablo Lopez 1 0.5 Yandy Diaz 1 0.5 Odubel Herrera 1 1 Jose Quintana 2 1.5 Howie Kendrick 1 0.5 Danny Santana 1 0.5 Dansby Swanson 2 0.5
  10. The Jaguars 2nd and 3rd string OL are terrible. The starters only played for about four series against Miami. Ryquell is still a very valuable handcuff to own. He passed the eye test to me for sure.
  11. We're basically twins. I'm a Jags fan as well, follow the team extremely closely, and took Dede round 8, pick 5 in my 10 team league (.5 ppr). Love the projection thrown out of around 85 catches and 1000 yards. Dede can score from anywhere on the field (NE game last season) and already has great rapport with Foles. Everyone around Jacksonville's camp this year has been preaching a big season for Dede. Another big factor for Dede is that he's capable of playing both in the slot and outside. He's truly a matchup nightmare in the slot, but his ability to play outside only creates more chances for Defilippo to use him in the offense. I'd be buying everywhere I can (and out of personal experience, I have been).
  12. I think this is a big part of it. Save the wear and tear on the body, he clearly doesn't need camp or to risk the injury. If the Cowboys are offering Bell money, I can see Zeke signing right before week one. Log a few practices, be ready to roll.