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  1. 7 keepers, dynasty, 15+ years and running Rookie picks 1.3 and 2.3 Regular draft pick 1.1 for the FA draft (snake) $85 per person, H2H, Fantrax, 14 teams Both drafts are slow and need to get them started tonight!! Who wants the last spot? Please text or email me NOW lose5bucks@yahoo.com or 714 686 1030 Thanks Shawn
  2. Can someone come fill my last spot please? Lose5bucks@yahoo.com or 714 686 1030 Thanks Shawn
  3. Orphan draft is FULL!! Thanks for all the responses ! Just need 2 more to fill our other league! Draft picks 1.3 and 1.6 are both available for their respective teams! HMU TODAY to reserve your spot! Lose5bucks@yahoo.com or 714 686 1030 Thanks Shawn
  4. Need a couple more to fill out this league Please help season starts in 3 weeks
  5. Hey guys I run 3 leagues on Fantrax and need some owners. Zion is available with the 1.1 so we will be running an orphan draft to be fair to all new (and any returning owners) who join! Each league is only $85 per person, all H2H, FA/waivers, GREAT payouts and we've been around for 10+ years! Come join the fun and win some cash along the way! Go Clippers! Thanks Shawn 714 686 1030 or lose5bucks@yahoo.com
  6. I'm down to the last spot and we can start the draft TONIGHT! Please text or email me NOW!
  7. Can we fill this league today? Thanks
  8. Still need 2 like seriously I am in DIRE need of 2 guys to fill this league PLEASE!
  9. Any cost to your league?  I’m looking for two spots on a 12-team no buy in

  10. Need a little help here guys... an owner passed away in April and I JUST found out! Very sad unfortunately I hate to see this happen and we all are coming together in this time to dedicate the season to him... With that said he had 2 teams and it's so last minute but I need to fill his 2 teams. 1st team is up for $75 this year normally $90. IDP, 12 teams, big rosters top 6 make Championships! 2nd team is $140 going into the orphan draft. Over 150 players to draft from. 20 teams, 23 man rosters and top 8 make Championships! Shoot me a PM, email or text ASAP! Thanks Shawn 714 686 1030 or lose5bucks@yahoo.com
  11. 2 more and we can get this crackin!!
  12. Down to just 2 more needed for my orphan draft guys
  13. Join now! You will have an amazing experience In our leagues!