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  1. Has it been confirmed when his first start is? Assuming he's 5th which puts him into next week?
  2. I saw that note too and feel better. It was in yahoo help where it mentioned resetting moves. I’m leaving it and hoping for the best. Thanks!
  3. What was your solution for this? Just had our auction on Sunday and it put the scoring at 3/25 as well (it was set for the 20th). I can change it to count retro stats back to 3/20 as of 4/2 but it also says it will reset any player moves, trades, etc. Is this really true? Is there any other way to get the Japan stats without having to undo all the moves from the auction to 4/2? Or am I misinterpreting it? Thanks
  4. Strategy question - 12 team, NON-PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, no flex. There are 2 bonus points for every 100 yds rushed or received (seems to favor a receiving RB who can get either bonus in a given week, or even both). I have the 10th pick. Heavily leaning towards going RB/RB, then fill in the 3 WR, QB/TE depending on who's there, then the rest. If I ended up with a RB combo of Gordon or Hunt and any one of CMC/Freeman/Howard, and a WR combo of any 3 of perhaps Hogan/Sanders/Goodwin/Tate, then adding guys like Cole and Stills on the bench, does this look awful? Compared to going RB/WR in the first 4 rounds. I'd get any of Hopkins/OBJ/Thomas and either Gordon/Hunt/CMC/Freeman. My 2nd RB would then be a big drop off to Collins or Miller and the other WR from the above list. I think RB is so important that my thinking is losing a little at WR, since week to week even the top 3 can be quite variable, is worth it for dominant RBs with more consistent week to week production. Thoughts? Remember, this is non-PPR, non-flex but with the bonuses.
  5. There's been surprisingly little talk (not just on here) about Col particularly for a team in the playoff hunt and considering how good Ottavino is and how awful Davis has been. Not to mention that the team gets lots of save chances. Has anyone seen anything even close to defining the situation there?
  6. Well put. The Yankees right now essentially have one bona fide SP. The others who follow him are a blow up waiting to happen against the best of the best (aka, playoffs). deGrom pretty much gives them the best chance to lock up 3 championships with the team control they'd have (not guarantee but best shot). Is that not another dynasty? And he can probably be locked up longer if given a fair offer. With Severino and deGrom in a short series and their offense and bullpen it's as much of a lock as you can hope for. So yes, they should back up the truck while holding onto Gleyber. Andujar, Frazier, Sheffield and Florial or German should be enough to satisfy them. This gives the Mets several building blocks where they need them (3B, CF, SP) so that we're not looking at a 5 year re-build, while holding onto Thor, Matz and Wheeler who seems to be coming around finally. Then Nimmo and Conforto (if his shoulder doesn't fall off) go back to corner OF and who knows - maybe glassman (Cespedes) can be the answer at 1B. They do need to move Cabrera and Familia immediately before they go on the DL again, particulalry Cabrera. Move Bruce (eating the contract) for whatever low level minor leaguer they can to further stock the farm. Move Blevins to whomever will take him for something. Now, with all that said, nothing good will actually happen with the current ownership in place. The Mets will be hapless for years to come (save for an unforeseen anomaly like 2015) as long as the Wilpons (and that dopey son) are in charge. How do you defend contracts like Swarzak and Vargas. I mean, 2 years??? Come on!
  7. Who gets the "made of glass" award - Dahl, BIrd or d'Arnoud? d'Arnoud's been doing it the longest, hitting the DL by May for 5 years now but the others barely get on the field, if even at all!
  8. One question, rhetorical since I've seen no evidence that anyone here is a medical professional - has this surgical technique and the ensuing rehab protocol remained exactly the same since 14 years ago? Just saying that medicine has progressed immensely and perhaps we're overlooking advances that may result in a better, longer term positive outcome for Conforto. That said I got him for $3 at the end of my auction (10 team, 300 players, $260) for possible upside
  9. Next 3 starts don't get any easier especially considering his home park. Lines up as: Home vs Wash (7/15), home vs Ariz (7/20) and at NYY (7/25). Of course if they stick additional rest in between any of these it could change.