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  1. I was high on Anthony Miller last year. You have to designate a redshirt prior to the start of the season. He will be my 4th keeper this coming season. I've got Wentz and Brees rostered right now. I'm scared off by Wentz's WR core a lil right now so I'm leaning towards Brees.
  2. I see 6 easy choices in Murray, Barkley, Woods, DK, Hollywood and Boyd. I'm probably leaning towards the high upside guys, Mostert and Engram with the last 2 selections. I'm probably not trading for Hock even though he was one of my favorite players in the 2019 draft. Don't see him having much more upside than a healthy Engram and he's still not 100% recovered from the ankle issue that ended his season early last year. I'm not cutting AB until the last possible second before cuts have to happen. He's a lunatic that is going to have to play for cheap but I think there are still a couple teams sniffing around him.
  3. Damn, a shame to have to cut some of those guys. Are you allowed to trade right now or do your rosters have to be cut before then? I'd try to package some of those players for an upgrade at RB AND TE. As it sits, these would be my automatic picks. QB - Jackson RB - Aaron Jones, Josh Jacobs, Miles Sanders WR - Michael Thomas, Deandre Hopkins, Mike Evans My last choice would be between Ekeler and Waller. That choice would depend on the landscape of the leagues keepers and where you are drafting. If not many owners are keeping a TE then I'd pick the upside choice in Ekeler. If most teams are keeping a TE then I'd consider the upgrade at TE because he's the every week starter.
  4. We use it a developmental position. Place them on CBS's practice squad slot to be carried there for the entire season. If you want to activate the player, you have to drop a player on your active roster. If you want to use him as your 4th keeper, he's got to stay on the PS all year. Players in their first 3 years of NFL service are eligible.
  5. Who should I keep out of OBJ, Wentz or Brees. 12 team SUPERFLEX league 3 keepers with a Practice squad player are kept. Keeping 2 high end RBs and Anthony Miller as my redshirt This is the first year of the Superflex and there will probably be 8-10 QBs kept WHIR!!
  6. Sanders. Looks like the eagles just signed Jay Ajayi which might mean that Howard's injury isn't worse than originally anticipated.
  7. I can't imagine a deal revolving around Hunt and Guice being enough ammo to get Hopkins. They're a lot closer to being waiver wire caliber players then serviceable starting RB's IMO. I think I'd rather start the best available RB on the waiver Wire & Hopkins over Guice & JJSS or Hunt & JJSS.
  8. [...] If Reid is consistent, you could very well see Damien Williams lose some snaps. He didn't do anything on Sunday that would have proved Reid right for leaving McCoy as a healthy scratch. His inability to secure the ball put 7 points on the board for the Titans.
  9. Funny. You were right since August but you were one of the first people in fantasy football to dump Damien Williams for nothing. You'd been telling people to cut him since week 3. You don't get to claim to be right when you cowardly ran from Damien Williams as fast as you'll ever see anyone run from a player in FF. I know it sounds better when the story is 100% fabricated but Damien Williams absolutely did not take the starting job back once he was ready to go. This last week was the first start he'd gotten since week 5, when he lost the role to McCoy. McCoy was benched because of fumbles, not because he's washed up. Quite honestly it's misinformed and ignorant to claim that McCoy is "washed up". He's still a 5+ yard per carry back who's leading the Chiefs in rushing despite not being their leader in carries. None of us know why he's not playing but it certainly has nothing to do with him being "washed up".
  10. 12 team 1/2 pt PPR league. 3 keepers Traded: Alvin Kamara and Emanuel Sanders Received: Saquan Barkley and JuJu Smith Schuster. I'm all but out of the playoffs unless multiple teams lose out. More of a move for next year.
  11. That's stupid good value for AK41 but it probably depends on what your other keeper situation looks like. Talent wise it's a no brainer trade.
  12. 12 team, 3 player keeper league. Must win game against the highest scoring team in the league. I'm not making the playoffs with another loss. Had Hopkins on bye and lost Engram to injury. I gave up DeAndre Hopkins & my second round pick I got George Kittle, Emmanuel Sanders and top 1/4 of the draft 1st round pick. Don't love it but it's a must win game and I didn't love having to start 3 Panthers against Green Bay (CMC, Samuel & Olsen)
  13. I'm not making that deal. I'd plug Lockett in and try to package those Arizona backs for a quality starting WR.
  14. I'm making this deal. I see both Fournette/ Kittle as upgrades and I don't think the difference between KennyG and John Brown is all that substantial.