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  1. Sanders. Looks like the eagles just signed Jay Ajayi which might mean that Howard's injury isn't worse than originally anticipated.
  2. I can't imagine a deal revolving around Hunt and Guice being enough ammo to get Hopkins. They're a lot closer to being waiver wire caliber players then serviceable starting RB's IMO. I think I'd rather start the best available RB on the waiver Wire & Hopkins over Guice & JJSS or Hunt & JJSS.
  3. [...] If Reid is consistent, you could very well see Damien Williams lose some snaps. He didn't do anything on Sunday that would have proved Reid right for leaving McCoy as a healthy scratch. His inability to secure the ball put 7 points on the board for the Titans.
  4. Funny. You were right since August but you were one of the first people in fantasy football to dump Damien Williams for nothing. You'd been telling people to cut him since week 3. You don't get to claim to be right when you cowardly ran from Damien Williams as fast as you'll ever see anyone run from a player in FF. I know it sounds better when the story is 100% fabricated but Damien Williams absolutely did not take the starting job back once he was ready to go. This last week was the first start he'd gotten since week 5, when he lost the role to McCoy. McCoy was benched because of fumbles, not because he's washed up. Quite honestly it's misinformed and ignorant to claim that McCoy is "washed up". He's still a 5+ yard per carry back who's leading the Chiefs in rushing despite not being their leader in carries. None of us know why he's not playing but it certainly has nothing to do with him being "washed up".
  5. 12 team 1/2 pt PPR league. 3 keepers Traded: Alvin Kamara and Emanuel Sanders Received: Saquan Barkley and JuJu Smith Schuster. I'm all but out of the playoffs unless multiple teams lose out. More of a move for next year.
  6. That's stupid good value for AK41 but it probably depends on what your other keeper situation looks like. Talent wise it's a no brainer trade.
  7. 12 team, 3 player keeper league. Must win game against the highest scoring team in the league. I'm not making the playoffs with another loss. Had Hopkins on bye and lost Engram to injury. I gave up DeAndre Hopkins & my second round pick I got George Kittle, Emmanuel Sanders and top 1/4 of the draft 1st round pick. Don't love it but it's a must win game and I didn't love having to start 3 Panthers against Green Bay (CMC, Samuel & Olsen)
  8. I'm not making that deal. I'd plug Lockett in and try to package those Arizona backs for a quality starting WR.
  9. I'm making this deal. I see both Fournette/ Kittle as upgrades and I don't think the difference between KennyG and John Brown is all that substantial.
  10. Yes, without hesitation. An argument can be made that you are gaining the 2 best players in the deal.
  11. Think you got the better end of the deals by a large margin. Getting Sutton/ Singletary straight up for Stills/ Jones is stealing for both long term and short term IMO.
  12. I don't have any stock in any of the players and there is no way I make this trade. Neither Jacobs or Mack have any sort of involvement in their offense's passing game. Jones might be in a slightly worse time share but he's in a better offense and is substantially more involved as a receiver. Waller has been more productive then Kittle this year but I'm not making that trade based on 20ish points. Kittle's schedule gets a lot nicer in the second half of the season with Arizona X2 and Atlanta.
  13. I can't believe how awful Gordon has been this year. His lack of explosion and inability to accelerate is every bit the problem as the line. He looks like a slow, terrible RB behind a bad line.
  14. Hunt DID NOT get 20+ touches a game last year. You literally have no idea what you are talking about. I guess it's easier to fabricate an argument then it is to take the time and get educated on what you are claiming. Given how incredibly wrong you've been in every single instance I have no idea how you could even show your face in this thread. To short sell his YPC is absolutely ridiculous. McCoy hasn't gotten the opportunity, PERIOD. He's BY FAR the best runner on a team who has chosen not to run the ball. I fully expect that to change given their recent losses being partly due to their one dimensional offensive play calling.
  15. But they aren't better. The KC offense was a dumpster fire when Damien Williams is the only back who's getting carries. If anything yesterday showed us that that offense needs Shady McCoy to win football games. Damien Williams is an abomination as a runner and they can't afford to throw away every short yardage situation because Damien Williams isn't capable of getting back to the line of scrimmage when they need just a yard. He's been easily the least efficient runner starting RB in the NFL this year and it couldn't have been any more apparent last night. I don't understand how yesterday was a win for Williams given how terrible he looked and how terrible the offense looked with him being the featured guy. I'm not sure he's seen a loaded box all year yet he's easily the least efficient starting RB in the NFL right now. Grasping at straws is saying that Williams is better based on his terrible performance yesterday.