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  1. Yet to throw more than 1 TD in a game this year, but man that ROS is juicy.
  2. He's going to get traded. Bruce is just playing hardball to get top $. Avoided this guy like the plague in all my leagues due to Arians history with TEs. Picked up this week off the waivers and holding till the trade deadline. A blocking TE is great but readily available and they already have one on the roster.
  3. Time to change the narrative back from facing #2 cb's all season to Tom Brady's favorite target.
  4. With Ben out for the season, I think this boosts McDonald's value. Security blanket for the rookie QB.
  5. Looks good, but Wrs need help. Rivers. Lets see how Murray does in his first NFL start. Jones easy.
  6. I'd start Lamar over Aaron. Especially if you have 6-pt rushing 4-pt passing TDs.
  7. Not to derail the thread with assistant coach picks.... but Jones is a stud and should be starting over anyone of Ekler caliber. No matter the matchup.
  8. Gore.Not crazy about the other 3 week 1.
  9. Tough call. Winston has the easier matchup for sure. Rodgers has the ability to negate a great defense. If I was in your shoes..... I've got my cheesehead on, Thursday Night football on the big screen, cold drink in my hand, and Aaron Rodgers in my starting lineup.
  10. Hurry up and make that deal. There isn't a lot of difference in Thomas/Evans.
  11. Very solid team. I don't have a lot of faith in Wilson fantasy wise. He's ok at best. Any other options still available?
  12. Gore and Thompson. Singletary is going to overtake Gore sooner rather than later. Thompson, while talented has to have both Williams and McCoy go down before he's relevant.
  13. Week 1 who do you start in 1pt PPR? Damian Williams @ JAX Aaron Jones @CHI Josh Gordon vs PIT
  14. Flex. Primetime Sunday Night Showdown in a shootout with the Steelers has Gordon written all over it.
  15. Grabbed Gordon in the 7th and A.J. Green in the 5th in a 12-team PPR. It's going to be an all-or-nothing kind of year.
  16. I would. Winston will put up better numbers than Murray. Boyd > Coutee now that AJ is gone. I like Coutee a lot but he will have trouble staying healthy again. Ballage > Hunt http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/754545-keep-one-kupp-rd-8-white-rd-9-godwin-rd-12/?tab=comments#comment-8580427
  17. Easy choice, don't overthink this one. White.
  18. Just about I expected. Close to a 50/50 split with Godwin getting the nod. And yes that is James White in the 9th round.
  19. I'd go with Mixon. Let the opportunity fall to you at the 7th pick.
  20. 12 team PPR league. Which one would you keep? Struggling between Kupp and Godwin at the moment. Kupp you know what you have. Godwin has all the offseason hype at the moment and is a full 4 rounds later.
  21. I would leave it. As youngrice said that's nothing but frustration owning those 2.