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  1. I feel like a lot of your posts are out to lunch, but I think you'll hit on some of these next year. I especially like the Huerter, J Val and MPJ predictions.
  2. Fair point. How many more games do the Heat need to win?
  3. It's funny how delusional people are sometimes. This comment looks super awesome now.
  4. I don't even know what to say about this guy. One of the most fun players to watch and only getting better. And a little bit of a CSB, but I got him with my last pick in a 12 team league, pick 170, definitely steal of the draft.
  5. I didn't recognize the name and totally thought this was a misplaced MLB post, even before I read the posts, hahaha
  6. Read the previous page, and I think you'll have your answer.
  7. Hayward is the better player, but I think there's too many mouths to feed in Boston. I would probably stick with Dunn. Thanks for answering mine.
  8. Hmmm.. I don't play points leagues, so probably not the best one to answer, but here's my thoughts: Bridges has the more consistent role, but his stat set seems to be less friendly in points style formats, so Evans probably offers the chance for bigger games but more volatile. Bridges consistent low-end, Evans risky but may pay off. I personally prefer Bridges, but I also play roto. Thanks for answering mine.
  9. I'd prob go some combination of 2 of Kornet, Zubac and Holiday.
  10. Definitely stick with Butler or ask for more.
  11. May be worth the risk, but I wouldn't expect more than what Whiteside is giving right now for stats. May depend on league format, etc. But you may be able to get better than Whiteside for them although Wiggins is pretty garbage.
  12. I'd stick with Oladipo, he's gotta get out of his slump soon. Plus, looks like you're pretty set in the front court.