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  1. Somehow I got 2 teams. U need to delete 1 wont let me
  2. Ya I ain't waking up butt a** early to draft. It's still early tonight
  3. I'm down with ed buzz. F China. Tired of s---y stuff made by a 9 year old. I'll pay the extra in the future. Time for Americans to start looking out for each other. We can fight over politics race relations etc but at end of the day China doesnt care if your white black etc. They kill all our families and not give 2 *****
  4. 100$ ain't that much. Everyone getting free money. Open those wallets hos. Not worth playing for a $200 for 1st place or some bs.
  5. Setup a 100+$ draft in tribute to opening day
  6. What happened to long list bichette yelich etc. Still in just looking for clarity. Can I pay buy in with hand sanitizer and toilet paper
  7. Wow skipped me for the coach even though I responded first. Is it cause I'm black?