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  1. Yea, looks like thunderstorms in Arlington this evening. I wish they could've started earlier.
  2. Him and Yelich were drafted near each other and both had similar projections. I'm guessing Yelich is on a loooot more championship teams this year. I still believe in Benintendi but yea, definitely a second half to forget.
  3. How are we approaching the east coast games tomorrow? There's rain in the forecast for Philly, NY, etc.
  4. 12K’s in less than 6 innings tonight. Electric.
  5. What a frustrating season. Between his DL stints, he was mostly effective with a couple real gems early on. Hopefully he comes at a discount next year.
  6. It's a committee. Maeda, Stripling, and Ferguson are all likely going to be used in high-leverage multiple inning situations (a la Hader) that should yield some saves. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Alexander chipping in a couple. I doubt anyone is going to stand out and seize the role until Jansen comes back. It's basically a situation to avoid if you're purely aiming for saves.
  7. So the Dodgers have trotted out Scott Alexander, J.T. Chargois, Zac Rosscup, and now Dylan Floro in high leverage situations this weekend and all of em have let them down. I'd be surprised if they don't go with Maeda outright in the next week.
  8. Just hit the DL again with a minor shoulder strain. Are we holding onto him with the Cards firmly out of the race and with no urgency to rush him back?
  9. Pham is exactly the type of player to step up with a chip on his shoulder. He’s also closer to home (at least where he spends his offseason—Miami).
  10. Damn, they let him pinch hit last night with a fractured jaw. Not a good look.
  11. Yea, I was mistaken on the rules. I figured it was a legal slide as long as he was able to reasonably touch the plate during his slide. It certainly appears he deviated from his path to initiate contact. I still don't agree with the opinion that he's dirty or that it was a dirty play but we all have our own interpretations of what "dirty" is.
  12. His injury history was baked into his draft price, so while it was awesome owning him when he was healthy and mashing, this injury is a sobering reminder that some things are too good to be true. The only hope now is that he comes back 100%, picks up where he left off, and avoids any other DL stints.
  13. I'm holding at least until the Pittsburgh start at home. The Brewers were 4th in the majors in wRC+ in the past two weeks and had scored 25 combined runs two games prior, and another 8 today. He's probably the odd man out once Reyes arrives but I'll cross that bridge when I get there--too much upside to be reactionary over a tough start.
  14. It was a hard, clean side that acquired the desired result. I understand folks are going to be unhappy when a player gets blindsided and hurt but it's baseball. It drives me crazy when people throw the word "dirty" around as if Rizzo is going in there with the intent to injure. Regardless, he's going to wear one tomorrow, take his base, and hopefully the situation is done with.
  15. The Cleveland bullpen strikes again. He pitched his heart out but there's no one on that roster that can secure any type of lead for their starters. Frustrating end to a gutsy performance.