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  1. Taylor Rogers’ peripherals still look good. His BABIP coming into today was through the roof at .424, and is only going to climb after tonight’s outing. LOB was 61% coming into today and shrinking. It’s very frustrating and I hope the Twins don’t start fading him. Has Diego Castillo become the favorite in Tampa Bay even when Nick Anderson returns?
  2. Yep. Either he’s dealing with some injury that we’ll probably learn about postgame, or they’re just doing him dirty after coming back from COVID. ROS outlook is grim either way. 😔
  3. Pirates are calling up Ke’Bryan Hayes.
  4. Most of the recent discussions have been about how promising of a player he is and to be patient but he sat again today (against a righty). They seem to be content with giving him a couple days off a week; couple that with his current slump and a short season, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to move on in redrafts. Can anyone provide any insight into the regular days off?
  5. Watched the game as well. Lots of first pitch strikes and had the changeup working against lefties. For a guy who struggled with control issues in his AAA promotion last year, he looked polished and composed, if not relatively unexciting. The Yankees team they trotted out today was very far from fully-operational, though. In the short term, the Braves have one of the easier schedules in September and he’s stretched out enough to go deeper into games. I’m on board.
  6. Great, now who’s got the stones to start him against Yankees and the returning Aaron Judge?
  7. Just protecting the kid’s arm, most likely. He was at 52 pitches in under two innings.
  8. Agreed. I saw a lot of people dropping him and Javier preemptively before the Coors series. I know we’re all about shiny new toys but Framber deserves to be rostered and given the benefit of the doubt now.
  9. Any fantasy relevance here? All I’ve read is of his impressive defensive profile...
  10. Yea, his velo was definitely higher than recent memory. He gets the A’s next so you can probably afford to leave him on the watchlist for now in most leagues. I’m very intrigued tho.
  11. Personally, I’d prioritize them as Pressly > Scrubb > Taylor. Scrubb pitched after Taylor, pitched better, and hasn’t allowed a run all season. But I’m not convinced they don’t just go full-on committee after this...
  12. Yahoo has him listed DTD. Can’t find anything about it. Anyone watch the game?
  13. Yea, looks like thunderstorms in Arlington this evening. I wish they could've started earlier.
  14. Him and Yelich were drafted near each other and both had similar projections. I'm guessing Yelich is on a loooot more championship teams this year. I still believe in Benintendi but yea, definitely a second half to forget.