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  1. You don't think that adding Hopkins along with a year 2 improvement that Murray will even crack 4000 yards?
  2. Also, Thomas weighs 212lbs, DJ weighs 210lbs and is known for his awesome YAC ability so to act like DJ is some tiny gadget receiver is not really true. He's simply not as tall by 2 inches. There's been plenty of awesome 6ft receivers.
  3. He literally said "Not comparing Moore to Thomas but Teddy can feed his #1 receiver". He's just saying DJ is the main target and all Teddy has to do is complete the little short stuff that DJ is already good at.
  4. I was just laughing at you calling a 57 year old AP better than LF, wasn't a knock on your opinion. I think Gruden is going to be an overall positive for the offense.
  5. ADP of 62 since May 1st on mfl
  6. He put up 9 for 75 and left in the 4th quarter of the game he injured his ankle which was week 14.
  7. Wasn't he hurt towards the end of the year? I owned him, I know he missed a game or 2.
  8. He's currently my highest best ball share, people are actively looking for reasons to not buy in. I'm just going with it, give me more of last year buddy!
  9. Hyde signed with Seattle yesterday
  10. Why do you love Sony and drafting Defenses in the 8th round?
  11. Kittle had multiple td's called back due to penalties in games last year too, it was very frustrating haha. Positive td regression is coming.
  12. Stats without context can be misleading, but perriman simply exploded down the stretch when Evans was down and then Godwin went down too. Jameis wasn't spreading it nicely all year, Perriman numbers spiked sans the other two to make it look nice on this chart.
  13. I thought this was bit low too
  14. Start hoping for something else bc this ain't happening