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  1. Pretty sure they tested the chiefs and patriots last Monday.
  2. Correct, but the guy I quoted touted Jeudy and said "might be on waivers"
  3. You are smoking crack if you think jeudy is on any waivers in dynasty leagues lol
  4. DJ Moore was just fine with Allen last year, I agree he's a bum but he's a bum that locked onto his #1 target.
  5. They aren't going to play the chiefs game, read the tea leaves. Start fitzmagick.
  6. So you are a selfish and crappy commissioner, got it. Let the rest of your league blow in the wind this week as long as it doesn't affect you personally.
  7. This! Another wasted year for the Jets until that clown is gone.
  8. Lol- all good. We are another Monday closer to football boys!