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  1. This is the
  2. He looks good, I'm encouraged...I had given up on him ever playing again this year lol
  3. Yea I'm getting close too, sometimes the tantalizing per minute upside they preach never actually materializes either. If I miss it oh well, dude has been boring lately. I'll give hime another week maybe.
  4. I bet you overthink ALOT of things in life lol
  5. It's amazing to me to that people read your post and now trashing your "luka comparison" you simple stated that pro experience is a plus, like luka had...nowhere did you compare Sekou and Luka's respective games on the court...READ PEOPLE.
  6. No, he came back and has played great. He GOT INJURED TONIGHT.
  7. Idk I usually equate "Injury prone" as more regarding countless soft tissue issues like hammy/calf strains etc....the man had his finger broken. Pretty sure any one of our fingers would've broke too under same circumstances. Let's not label the kid just yet.
  8. I'm down 2 points and it's my Mike boone vs Thielen/Bailey...let's effing goooo booner!!!! He becomes a legend tonight.
  9. I'm tilting, just yelled louder than i ever have over fantasy...come on Jameis that would have sealed perriman's day already
  10. this game was Eff you hopkins/watson owners written all over it ughhh