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  1. I feel pretty good starting him against this KC team...
  2. So just flip it then. If you think Morris is worthless... I'd rather have Morris.
  3. Agree with ^^ if Bell is there, nab him. If not, the other of that trio.
  4. If you think Breida is worthless then try it. If you place any value on him as Morris' (seeming) backup, then don't.
  5. PPR wide receivers are everywhere. Get the RB, any of Gurley/LeV/DJ will do.
  6. Cobbs floor appears to be 60 catches, so I guess the question is do you think Gallup could top that? Yardage wise they should be similar per rec, I would think. Cobbs arrow has been pointing down all offseason but I'd go with the known quantity here. Gallup would have a great rookie season if he hit Cobbs floor.
  7. Eh, you don't want Mixon. Take the guy running behind a Top-2 offensive line in football.
  8. Watson for Mahomes+Freeman isn't bad, but you're also counting on two guys you've never really seen play before. Watson appears to have game breaking talent, and leaves another roster spot open for you (those are valuable).
  9. I don't think so - Shanny got bricks for hands Carlos Hyde involved in the pass game, so apparently he can do it with anyone. Goodwin should have a good year if healthy but that (health) is still a major concern.
  10. Moncrief still behind K.Cole for targets, and Dede is underrated. Moncrief to me is just a TD/bust WR. I'd go Matthews!
  11. I'd never take KB/Thompson for Hunt. Not even close.
  12. I've been lukewarm on Alshon all season, and just traded him away. Depends on what you get back obviously, but his value will never be higher than right now.