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  1. I feel pretty good starting him against this KC team...
  2. I'd never take KB/Thompson for Hunt. Not even close.
  3. I've been lukewarm on Alshon all season, and just traded him away. Depends on what you get back obviously, but his value will never be higher than right now.
  4. I have a side I like better but I wouldn't veto it. Let 'er pass!
  5. I typically try not to start guys that have two or more things going against them. Thursday night game (1) and Drew Stanton (2), I'd shy away from Fitz. JuJu is coming off a bye (good) and the Rams offense has been explosive (good).
  6. Cam is finally going to be diesel again. You're selling at the absolute wrong time.
  7. Tyrod playing catchup all game against the Saints offense? I like that. That's where he does most of his damage.
  8. Especially considering the suspension, not crazy at all.
  9. McCown or Woods. McCown will score more points but Woods could actually be useful in your lineup some weeks. Rawls is an ok flier for this week but not one I'm a big fan of.
  10. Definitely don't drop McKinnon... My advice is to either ride out this week without a kicker (dropping Zeurlein), or drop Elliot and hope to pick him back up. Nobody has room to roster a second kicker on a bye week, so you'll have a shot at getting him back at least. I think the other one unfortunately would be Fuller. My initial reaction was Richardson but I didn't realize how well he'd been doing. At the end of the day a bunch of stud RBs is a good problem to have!
  11. 12 man standard scoring. My team has done well, so I'm in no real need to trade. That said, I was just offered: I give Alshon Jeffery and Marvin Jones Jr. I recieve AJ Green, Devin Funchess, and Emmanuel Sanders I can drop Dede Westbrook, Jonathan Stewart, or Jack Doyle to make room for Sanders. Thoughts???
  12. You're selling at his lowest value, ever. Hold.
  13. Cooper and Miller. EJ is a massive downgrade on DC... but bad QBs tend to force things to their guys. Mixon has a bottom 3 ypc and the Bills defense has been hot. Ride the hand with Miller.
  14. Foreman is a handcuff, Kamara is a flex. Kamara.
  15. Watkins. He's a rollercoaster but he'll crush for you some weeks. I'm not on the Funchess train...
  16. Not Mixon over Gordon. Gordon. But after that, Mixon. I like Parker at Flex.
  17. 1: Don't be the guy playing 2 TEs. Ever. 2: In PPR I'd roll the dice and keep Kelce/Cobb. Cohen is solid, and Ty won't last. I guess my advice is flip him for someone else.