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  1. 1 pt ppr Scared to start Conner and have him play one series before heading to the tent. Should I just start Snell?
  2. which kicker should i start? i've been going with koo the last few weeks but he's going against SF this week sanders, prater, and gay are on the wire. leaning towards sanders but i read its gonna be windy in NY. any help?
  3. 1 Pt PPR Choose 2 to start Samuel vs SEA, I. Thomas vs SEA, I. Ford vs NYG, Conley vs OAK
  4. i'm not starting andrews this week. go with higbee he's banged up, its thursday, they have two other TEs who are always involved, and the jets are very good against TEs
  5. 1 pt PPR Looks like Andrews will play tonight but I'm worried to play him given its TNF and that he may be limited. Should I start him and Hooper OR should i roll with Hooper at TE and start one of the following at flex Juju vs BUF, Isaiah Ford vs NYG (assuming Parker is out)