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  1. because neither can lamar and harbaugh wanted to be consistent in case of injury.
  2. they should have done divisions in bubbles and scheduled it that way....all these games are in empty arenas, why are they wasting time travelling? no one benefits.
  3. sure, but who knew if that lay up would have arisen. the smart play was giving tucker the easy 3.
  4. i think pitt is trying to figure out who they like more today.
  5. man i'm cheering for rg3. he's probably better than garbage lamar anyways.
  6. look at the above video to realize how ridiculous your statement is, jefferson would be useless on the eagles as well. A prime jerry rice would be trash too.
  7. gross. the most disappointing are hopkins and kupp imo...but grosss
  8. he's been a WR4 or WR5 in more weeks than a WR 1. lol
  9. was one week off. god lockett is untrustable...either has a crazy good week or a crazy horrid week (more common). these guys lose you leagues, they don't win you leagues.
  10. and ayuik should be back next week, so niners offense wont be too predictable with two solid passing options to deal with (i don't think the niners have had ths luxury all year, with 2 of kittle, deebo, or ayuik out at a time).
  11. if you need a wr3, a flex or a wr4...definitely looking to pick this guy up.
  12. first time i saw kay was on rotoworld, she's moved on up in this world.
  13. shanahan does the hot hand approach quite a bit, and honestly mostert didn't do much in a few carries so wilson took over. it happens. mostert will be better going forward.
  14. comes with the territory...paid the big bucks, you should be held accountable. seems like eagles wont though, and they deserve to lose as a result. putting money over winning.
  15. haha, did you see how hyde covered on that dk bomb? that's why hyde plays so much.
  16. to those clowns that warned about jalen, there's literally NO WAY HE CAN DO WORSE THAN GARBAGE WENTZ.