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  1. Need 20 points from JuJu in PPR. Just realistic enough to keep me hopeful.
  2. Rolling with Kingery as your only 2B gets me a little nervous, but how about seeing if you can pry Yelich away from him? Maybe get Panik too for 2B insurance (Baez doesn't do it for me). Albies and Fowler for Yelich and Panik?
  3. I'd consider cutting Kinsler for him, though with Perez and Donaldson on your DL already, I dunno if it's worth it. Honestly I'd recommend just getting a catcher first so you don't have a zero at that spot every day.
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't start cutting into your bullpen for Cervelli, even with the change in his profile.
  5. I'd accept it. Assuming Brach's value goes belly-up not long after Britton comes back, I'd rather have Conforto for the long haul.
  6. Folty by a nose. I like Pivetta better overall but that @ATL start worries me.
  7. Head says Mancini, heart (and what he's shown so far) says Dickerson. I take Dickerson and hope that he sustains production close to this at PNC.
  8. Yasiel Puig's on my waiver wire and I have the #4 priority. Would you put in a claim and drop either Rosario, Dickerson or Ohtani the batter for him?
  9. I'd see if you could shore up SS with Andrus out. Can you play Rizzo at 2B when he gets back? If so, 2B might be a position of strength you could deal from. I wouldn't worry much about the top of the rotation, Archer and Quintana should be better. To me, the back-end of the rotation looks a little thin, so adding somebody else back there might help too.
  10. I actually like Archer a little better than Quintana even with the team context. Quintana should get a few more wins, but when all's said and done, I think Archer will be better in the other categories. And he might not stay on TB all year anyway. If you like Quintana better than Archer, see if you can get something extra from the other owner.
  11. I like the McCutchen side better, even though Colome might not be long for the closing job. Team 1 could probably find another way to get a catcher, and I don't trust that Thames won't fade out again like he did last year.
  12. I'd make the deal with either one of the Grays. Buxton/Paxton is a solid return.
  13. Too much volatility for a #1 claim. I would hold out in hopes that a better pitcher shows up on the wire.
  14. Echo what Fuzzy said. The offer's nice but Albies will give you more value on your roster than in a trade for pitching (even Ohtani).
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