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  1. Why, so everyone on the defense can cover Goedert? IMO the more play makers that are active, the better for everyone involved.
  2. [...] .Im riding him straight to my grave. And at the end of the season he will officially be dead to me.
  3. Williams isnt a better runner than Mack. We can see that with our eyes. That isnt the problem. The problem is that he is running well enough to warrant getting touches if/when Mack comes back. I dropped Mack this morning. [...] probably not brave enough to start Mack in a timeshare with Williams, Wilkins and Hines in week 15 anyway.
  4. Yeah, its been brutal. We all see it from our couches, yet shurmur still thinks that 'run into the line and fall down' gives his team the best chance to win..
  5. I dont see anything saying he is in any danger of missing the game. Am I missing something?
  6. 3 way timeshare at TE. Of all the disgusting scenarios to be a part of... I'm out. This has been weeks in the making as the writing has been on the wall for quite some time now
  7. Might be looking to move on. Too bad he is untrade-able with the bye next week and the ho hum performances as of late.
  8. He did pretty well when he had the backfield to himself last year.