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  1. Yeah, no way a rookie QB performs better than a seasoned vet like fitzpatrick who.. also happened to be playing well at the time of his benching. Parkers arrow points down.
  2. He's most likely ready owned, I would think
  3. Did you watch the previous games when Mosthurt was out? I'm just not sure how you came up with that hot take
  4. Kinda doubt that.if Mosthurt is out mckinnon should be the guy again
  5. If this guy loses playing time to alshon then philly isn't committed to winning.
  6. Yahoo waivers are a mess. Don't clear till tomorrow, but try claiming someone that has been most likely claimed by league mates and you get an error message If you try claiming someone that probably wasn't claimed by anyone else it let's you.
  7. Never before seen this one. Gotta be cause of the weird covid schedule? All players involved have played. Yahoo is not letting us accept because "one or more players have already played". Wouldn't it usually allow the deal and have it reflect on the following weeks roster? This is super frustrating now. Been trying to do this since sunday. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. Some of us don't have the luxury of waiting for him to be good down the stretch.
  9. Wasnt Deebo ready to go? He looked like a boss the few times he had the ball in his hands. Just cause he didnt go off, that doesnt mean he wasnt ready to go. If Mostert is ready to go, he will go.
  10. Starting Scotty Killer with confidence!
  11. Are we still asking this question every week?? WHY???
  12. Or Most hurt. Depends how you wanna look at it