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  1. With the uncertainty in KC, I don't think McCoy gets it done. Might try adding Fuller. That said, your WRs seem to be in better shape than your RBs, so I'd by looking to move McCoy and Fuller for an upgrade there if possible.
  2. Easy accept for me. Lindsay has been averaging comparable (even slightly better) numbers to Coleman himself.
  3. I don't see Gore as a must grab, but I also don't see the need to carry 2QBs in a ten team league. If you like the security of a back-up plan at QB, for ROS Jones and R. Freeman have maybe more upside, but in the short-term Gore looks to be in the least RBBC situation.
  4. Freeman on IR is a consideration, but Coleman hasn't been anything special with Freeman out so far.
  5. I would do AP for Diggs or maybe propose Conner/AP for Diggs/Ingram. To me, it looks like you need a reliable RB2 (threat of Bell's return, and especially if you move Conner) and WR2 more than another TE.
  6. With a first-place record, your top two RBs handcuffed, and with ATL looking like a timeshare, don't think I would spend the no1 on Smith. You aren't desperate and he's not a sure thing.
  7. Ten team PPR. Need a QB for the bye and wondering who to drop. Short bench and some uninvolved managers mean that right now Peterson, Clement, Lindsay, Ekeler, A. Jones are all FA. My other RBs are Kamara, and Ingram.
  8. This is a very rough VBD assessment, but according to fantasypros, last season the difference between RB1 and RB24 was 190 points in Standard and 244 in PPR and between RB 1 and RB 40 was 229 in Standard and 285 in PPR. In Standard there were 2 RBs (b24) and 7 RBs (b40) and in PPR there were 4 RBs (b24) and 6 RBs (b40) who were better than +138 above those baselines. (The difference between WR1 and WR24 was 78 in Standard and 108 in PPR and between WR1 and WR40 was 95 in Standard and 128 in PPR.)