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  1. Yup. Most trade deadlines are over and it's too late to build it back up. I almost traded a high draft pick for Robinson, but because I already had Fuller, I held off. Now I'm stuck with guys like Watkins, Perrimen, and Lazard on waivers. This one really hurts.
  2. People will point to his big games happening when one of the WR were out, but I swear the drop off has more to do with Lewan's injury. Once he went down, we saw a drastic change in the amount of targets he was getting compared to the other TE. He's a great blocker and they need him there more. So basically, I don't see it changing anytime soon and would be super scared to rely on him in a 'win or go home' situation like a playoff game. Might actually drop him and hope to plant a mine somewhere else.
  3. Someone on twitter said that he already completed the appeal, so if that's the case, it's a hard 6 game suspension. Still waiting on a reliable source to confirm though.
  4. Saquon... CMC... Julio... Dak... CMC... now Fuller... It's almost funny at this point.
  5. In our league, we have been sending a gif of our player every time they score a touchdown. IOS didn't have any for Fuller at the beginning of the season, so I've been rolling with this.
  6. For Julio to do anything on a Wednesday, you have to take it as a good sign. Not saying we're in the clear, but he might be alright. We'll have to wait til Friday to get a good idea though.
  7. Let's just hope he's back and getting that usage for the playoffs. Stashing him now could pay off huge against CLE, JAX, and NYG (although missing the Cowboys in week 13 would be some BS).
  8. Does that mean he cleared protocol? I still can't wrap my head around it for some reason.
  9. No, making the assumption of a limited field to a simple statement like "Players switch positions all of the time" is a cop out. It was a general statement that someone dissected because they felt the need to justify screwing over their leaguemates. And if we wanna play this game, what about IDP leagues? S to LB transitions are not rare. CB to S even less so. What about college QB who switched positions when they got drafted? Should the passing stats from college the year before dictate the fantasy designation the rookie gets?
  10. The statement was 'Players switch positions all the time'. You said they didn't. That's false. Cool story bro. Glad I don't play in a league with you.
  11. In general? Tons of players switch positions to extend their career, get more opportunity, etc. Plenty of CB transition to S later in their careers, and Mark Barron was a pretty good linebacker for my Rams after starting his career at safety. Now if you're going to limit me to only fantasy relevant players (like Ty Montgomery or Terrell Pryor), that narrows down the list because it narrows down the field. That's a pointless parameter for my statement pointing out that NFL that players do switch positions a lot.
  12. Better days ahead but that's not saying much. I still feel Hendo is the best RB on the team and am yelling at Mcvay at least 5 times a game for not having him in there, but at this point that's what the Rams are doing. It'll get better once they aren't facing a top rush defense but barring injury, the ceiling is probably unfortunately limited.
  13. Well then that makes more sense, but it still wasn't as a TE. If it's based off of last year's snaps, that's just dumb. Players switch positions all the time.
  14. It's a slippery slope though, where as if they went by the teams official depth chart, it would be much more logical. It's the fantasy league's job to make their league fun for them. It's ESPN's job to give them the tools to do so without intervening on a case by case basis.