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  1. Thanks everyone! I think it's insane to limit the trades an owner can make (as long as there isn't any collusion), so these answers will help my case.
  2. So as the commissioner of my league, I'm getting ready for our yearly owner's meeting to go over rule changes. One owner is proposing a 'No Trade-backs Clause' where once a player is traded away from one owner's team, that owner is not allowed to trade back for that player for the rest of the season. This is a keeper league. Example: Last season, Owner A traded away Leonard Fournette to the Barkley owner when Saquon went down. Value was fair and no one had an issue. Later in the season once Barkley was back and Owner A was out of contention, Owner A traded away players that he was not going to keep for Fournette (who he would keep) and a 2nd round pick. So collusion aside, should an owner be able to trade for a player than they traded away earlier in the season?
  3. I'd take Zion pretty easily honestly. He would help you this year and is much move valuable for the future.
  4. Wow Drummond to the Cavs
  5. Please tell me this doesn't mean Green to the Heat.
  6. Anyone? I’m just getting back into basketball and need some help. It’s a 9cat league.
  7. Getting back into basketball and I picked up a 5 keeper team. Problem is, Lebron, Kyle Lowry, and Lamarcus Aldridge are my 3 best players. I'm going to look to trade Lebron as this season is basically over already for me and pick up a few keepers. Who should I be targeting? Here are some of the options I see out there, but I haven't done bball in a while and have no clue what's fair and what's not. Can always add smaller pieces to even them out too. Two of Ja Morant/Shai Gilgeous-Alexander/Kristaps Porzingis/Victor Oladipo/John Wall/Klay Thompson/Zion Two of Kemba Walker/Jimmy Butler/John Collins Lillard and D'Angelo Russell Drummond and Tatum Jokic and Fultz/Adebayo Leave a link if you want and I'll try to help out but like I said, I'm just getting back into the game. Thanks!
  8. Actually, give @DarcyMe first dibs. I'm going on Vacation for two weeks on Monday and am not sure how much internet access I'll have.
  9. Can't view the team but I'm interested in the spot.
  10. I'm at the point of tilting where I'm actually taking this into account.
  11. Yeah, it's always so much harder when it involves someone from your team. If I wasn't a Rams fan, I'd probably be on the Perriman side but I see the talent of Kupp too much and know how good Goff is when he's on, and every week I go in expecting them to be on. Maybe I'll just put two treats down and let my dog choose for me.
  12. I've switched Kupp and Perriman back and forth 5 times reading this post. Have Kupp in as of now, but who knows who it'll be at game time. Too bad that rain cleared out of the Bucs game. Would've made our decision a whole lot easier.
  13. As of now I have the Steelers in, but I'm leaning towards switching to Denver.