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  1. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=74788419&inviteId=77fe07da-7c19-4b2b-acaf-8e531a4d833c
  2. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league?leagueId=74788419
  3. Just in general... Don't join a league without looking at the information first.. Stop making it difficult for the commissioners lol
  4. It'll be fine. There's others who want in if someone doesn't pay. One is having probs with league safe. League will be paid in full. Just show up for the draft.
  5. Not worried. Most of the ppl who haven't paid yet I've been drafting with for several years. It will be paid up entirely.
  6. League safe is up! Click on link to pay. Get paid up or run the risk of being removed.