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  1. Zach Ertz was dropped in my 12 team league. I already have Waller and Henry but thinking of bidding for him and shopping him. What's the FAAB bid for Ertz?
  2. 12 team standard scoring bonus points league. I already have 2 good TE's but is it worth picking up Ertz? I'm thinking for trade bait from one of my TE's. And how much FAAB % should I throw at him? I'd be dropping Damien Williams if I pick him up. My team: QB - Goff, Brissett WR - Golladay, Woods, McLauren, Sanders RB - Barkley, A. Jones, Hyde, Murray, Mattison, Dam. Williams TE - Waller, Henry K - Prater DST - Niners
  3. Guys relax...I'm playing against Kamara this week. 20 carries for 140 yards and 2 TD's this week confirmed.
  4. I wasn't aware that Conner is going to be in a timeshare. I agree they are close in value but that's why I wanted to do a 3 for 2 trade and end up getting the slightly better player in the trade. Jackson is about to be on bye so I needed some room to grab Darnold without having to outright drop a good player.
  5. For some reason I can't edit my post. I forgot to update that I dropped Josh Gordon for Singletary so I think I'm stacked at RB now.
  6. Dude, having these RB's on the same team that are all fantasy relevant would drive me crazy each week picking who to start. I'd go Jones and Lindsay as they are the 1a to the 1b's. Help with mine?
  7. If you don't start Woods this week against ATL then you will never start him. I look for the Rams to put up a lot of points and spread the ball around this week. Help with mine?
  8. 10 team standard scoring league. The Conner owner was desperate at RB with Conner on bye this week. What do you guys think of this trade? My team receives: Conner and Niners DST Their team receives: Hyde, Lindsay, Vikings DST My Team: QB - Jackson WR - J. Jones, Hill, Lockett, AJ Green, Boyd, Gordon RB - Saquon, Carson, Jacobs, Hyde, Lindsay TE - Waller K - Crosby DST - Vikings
  9. Terrible trade dude, keep your guys. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/770549-drop-josh-gordon-for-singletary-whir/
  10. 10 team standard scoring league. What do you say? My Team: QB - Jackson WR - J. Jones, T. Hill, Lockett, Gordon, Boyd, AJG RB - Saquon, Carson, Jacobs, Hyde, Lindsay TE - Waller K - Crosby DST - Vikings
  11. The Jets have a cake schedule coming up, I'd roll with Crowder. Help with mine?
  12. Just know that the team with Kamara is probably going to throw out a lot for him.
  13. If the Chark owner will do it he's doing it based of JuJu's name. Id take that deal if I were you. Help with mine?
  14. 12 team standard scoring. Big bonus league for 300+ passing, 100+ receiving/rushing, 40 yard + plays. Needless to say I'm not thrilled starting Goff (although I love the matchup this week). Was thinking of dropping either Dar. Williams or Dorsett to pick up Darnold or Cousins. What would you do? QB - Goff WR - Golladay, Woods, McLaurin, Sanders, Dorsett RB - Barkley, A. Jones, C. Hyde, Dam. Williams, Dar. Williams, L. Murray TE - Henry, Waller K - Stream DST - Niners
  15. With the Wallerus on bye, I'm starting and keeping my fingers crossed