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  1. That's 11 paid! Just need one more... gonna be an excellent league.
  2. He's been toggling back and forth. When I paid you could use either, but then someone must have requested to switch back to eCheck (to save the $24). He may well be able to toggle it back on again if you need to use card.
  3. Already joined myself. Looks like a well-managed, active, engaging and fun league thus far. Let's get three more... I want to draft tonight!
  4. I posted in your $300 league thread earlier today but never got a response. Still interested in that/(this) one, with the $200 as a backup. Email:
  5. Unable to join (or even visit) the linked ESPN page without permission it seems. Shoot me an email when able?
  6. Definitely interested. (Or in the similar $200 league drafting 8/23 IF this one is full I suppose.) Email is
  7. So after this first year auction, this becomes a full dynasty league from there on? Do you just do a small draft each year then for the incoming rookies, or am I missing an element here? (
  8. I AM one of the two that paid but has yet to receive a league invite. I've been PMing you many times. Pretty relaxed. Just waiting on an invite and trying to work out our side bets.
  9. This is getting messy. The first 2 who paid should be the 12 in. That seems simple enough. Why would we create a 12 man league and allow more than 12 to pay on LeagueSafe though. That seems like it's asking for trouble.
  10. I'm all ready to pay as soon as we can confirm out side bet action.
  11. How man paid so far commish? And please e-mail me about side action so we can get that worked out ...