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  1. Why is that? Since he returned in week 10 he scored (in PPR) 11, 13, 23, 13, and 26. He was a trendy preseason sleeper pick, and except for the injuries he backed that up...until tonight. Yes, he clearly didn’t produce tonight, but if you had him on your roster as a WR 2-3, you’d have been crazy not to play him.
  2. That’s a reason to love it. It’s probably most of your other key players who will decide the outcome. But when you grab a guy off waivers who turns out to be fantasy gold (like Anthony Miller a few weeks ago), that’s the rush that keeps me coming back.
  3. Honestly I like Perriman better with Godwin on the field to draw safety help. The Bucs run game isn’t going to scare anyone so I’d expect objective number one for the defense to be taking away the deep passing game. Still, volume is key in PPR, and Perriman should have enough of it to justify the start.
  4. Also liking Falcons D at home vs Jax. Falcons have done well lately against several decent offenses (@ NO week 10, @SF last week). Granted the TD helped the numbers, but the Falcons offense looks improved and Jax is shaky.
  5. Agree on Perriman. Im a little uneasy on Conley. He put up numbers last week. But the past 4 weeks, starting with the earliest, he’s had 4, 4, 1, and 4 receptions (9, 5, 3, and 8 targets). I’d be more comfortable with more volume In PPR. If Juju sits, I’m tempted more by a guy like Washington (11 targets last week) vs the Jets good run defense and poor pass defense.
  6. Plus you’d think Robinson will be the focus of the defense. Crazy thing is he could have had an even bigger game. He had a deep sideline catch around the 2 yard line in the first half but just missed getting the 2nd foot down, and Mitch missed him on another deep pass a few plays earlier where the pass was out of reach. He could have finished over 150 yards, easily. After last week there are only a handful of WRs I’d play ahead of Miller, and unfortunately I don’t own 3 of them. If Gabriel plays it might muddy things a bit, but hard to imagine sitting this dude in the finals.
  7. He got 9 targets last week but even as the WR1 he’s like 5th in the pecking order. This guy is one of several low floor high ceiling dart throws, along with Pascal, Perriman, Watson, Miller in bad weather..... roll the dice.
  8. I hear you, and it seems like getting cute when we are talking about a top 10 RB in PPR. Still torn on it. But Ingram has exceeded 15 carries only 3 times this season and exceeded 18 total touches only 3 times this season. He’s had some blowup games this season, but he has also scored in single digits (in full PPR) in 36% of his games this year. Against a really good Jets run defense I don’t think game script helps Ingram because his carries have been very consistent all season. So we’re banking on per touch production. That makes me uneasy against this tun D where Ingram is used in the passing game some, but he’s only caught 4 passes once this season and averages 2 receptions per game. That, and it’s a TNF game. It all makes me feel better in PPR about a player like Thompson or Laird who will very likely be playing from behind and looking at a 6+ reception game, even though they’re not a fraction of the real life RB Ingram is.
  9. In full PPR I’m considering other much more risky options with higher passing game usage (like Chris Thompson). Even if they’re trying to protect Jackson, I’m not sure that equates to more Mark Ingram, or if it just means the same amount of Ingram we’ve seen most of the season but more Gus Edwards. Seems like Ingram’s best games haven’t been because he’s gotten 20+ carries. Rather, he’s gotten in the same 15 carry/2-3 reception game, but he’s done more with those touches in terms of yardage and/or happened to get in the end zone a time or two.
  10. Well, Mike Evans was a headache several games this year, so I don’t know why his backup would be any different. But Winston seemed to have no problem overly targeting whoever the coverage gave him, which in many games was Godwin over Evans. You’d have to think now that Evans is gone, Godwin will get all the coverage. There should be opportunity for the others. If it’s the same lineup as last week, I’m definitely looking to Watson over Perriman, who falls about at a Marcus Wheaton point on the “elation-or-kick to the groin?” spectrum.
  11. Starting him, but not with confidence. He has the advantage of having a role whether Falcons are playing with a lead (unlikely) or trying to catch up. In PPR he has the potential for an ugly rushing day but still a serviceable fantasy output if he gets a handful of receptions. (FWIW, I’m starting him over Michel, Murray and Guice...so no great options here.)
  12. Why would Winston dump off when on any given play there’s anywhere between 7-11 players downfield to throw the ball to?
  13. Still holding for now, but he’s been firmly on the bench for several weeks. But week 11 at home vs the jets could be a productive matchup despite Haskins, esp as a WR3 with some week 11 byes (Golden Tate). After that, it’s hard to say. At home vs Detroit could give rise to some garbage time points, because I think the Lions will get a big lead.
  14. Yeah but if you pick the right one, you could have the next Isaiah Pead on your roster for a couple of weeks. Bam!