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  1. No way, too much money has been dumped into Zeke to name Pollard the starter.
  2. TB offense with the addition of Brown will be virtually unstoppable in my opinion. Absolute gem if he manages to stay on the field and out of trouble.
  3. Fulgham is looking like the correct pickup when it comes to consistency from here on out
  4. You know its sad when you're begging Zeke to score just 10 points lol.
  5. I dont think GB plans on giving Fuller anything over the top, their game plan has been to give them the under stuff.
  6. Bye bye Dalton, I think its time to make a trade for Fitz Magic.
  7. Darren Sproles would love to have a word with you lol
  8. Dropped him, I owned him and Dobbins. Hopefully Dobbin takes over the backfield in week 8.
  9. Being forced to start him this week, its a juicy match-up and I think he'll be productive!
  10. Made this dude Drake look spectacular lmao, smh.