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  1. Spurs clearly don't like this guy I don't know why they don't trade him
  2. He's a good player but Mavs use him at the end of the bench he could easily be a nice starter in some other team
  3. mmm picked up after last game but I'm not convinced things will turn around definetely. finally good FG% but still I'm worried by rebounds
  4. I saw a movie where he acted, it was about street basketball he was the only professional player and he wasn't the best player neither in that movie Embarassing
  5. any chance he'll be traded at some point? he could be great in a team that let him play 35 minutes per game
  6. actually he's in the ww in two leagues I play and nobody has courage to pick him up owners who dropped him are last in standings 😂
  7. I told you the same things Pop said today He's not scoring enough So he deserves to be benched Of course it's drop city
  8. Thanks for the advice, but I was just thinking how it's possible that a guy skilled like Murray can finish a game without scoring AT LEAST 10 points. what a waste of talent
  9. but you have to consider if they start tanking in second half of the season they'll be even more cautious with injuries and rests and Markkanen is injury prone