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  1. I'd look like a terrible athlete too if every run was the most basic dive play known to man.
  2. Dude 15 for 200 and 3 is just straight up abuse. That corner should file a civil lawsuit.
  3. This target share blows. Nelson "Never Seen a Drop he Didn't Like" Agholor out targeting him is wild.
  4. Arm is electric, but running is just such a cherry.
  5. Nothing like having your fantasy weekend ruined on Thursday! woo!
  6. Just saw him without a helmet, but he played the snap on the kneel down at the end of the half.
  7. Might have missed this, but do we know exactly what his injury is or just a "knee" injury?
  8. I mean that's just what they were speculating during the game hence the keyword "potentially" in the original post.
  9. Said potentially a high ankle sprain.