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  1. Yea those garbage time stats only count for 1/2 in my not garbage time stats league.
  2. Watching Cooper run puts me in pain. Dude looks like he's a shell physically.
  3. If his defense continues to produce they likely won't need to throw as much. Really too bad he only had 1 TD. He played a lot better than his fantasy score indicated this weekend.
  4. 10th highest rushing total this week with two guys in the top 10 there were likely not started in any leagues in Gus Edwards and Jonathan Williams. What a headache.
  5. He's like the Derrick Henry of TEs when Derrick Henry was under performing.
  6. Dropping him was never the answer. Especially as a WR that was coming into the week top 25 at the position unless you were in a really shallow league. That was a terrible call as mentioned by my clear lack of understanding and wondering who people were dropping him for if they were. Certainly wasn't after the fact, but you seem to be taking it well.
  7. Wow. I bet that relationship is really good.
  8. Who the hell are you guys dropping him for? He is the 26th ranked WR in 0.5 ppr.
  9. His ceiling is non-existent without the goal line touches. Aaron Jones had the exact same yardage this week but with 3 scores. ******** ridiculous. Play your best players.