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  1. Horrible trade. Awful return for Ben Simmons on the Philly side. On the Warriors side, Ben is an awful fit next to Draymond. No chance this trade happens.
  2. Apparently it could be a torn meniscus (note the times in the top tweet):
  3. Currently Marquese Chriss does not have a guaranteed roster spot on the Warriors but not only do I expect him to earn a spot, I also expect him to start to begin the season as Willie Cauley-Stein and Kevon Looney are not healthy as of right now. Chriss has clearly exceeded expectations so far in the preseason and I know it's the preseason but I've been watching this team closely for several years and I can tell you that his skillset is going to fit in very well with this team: the athleticism, his ability to rebound, catch lobs, play the pick-and-roll, shoot a little bit, and the most surprising part is his passing ability in the pick and roll and in dribble handoffs (12 assists in about 65 minutes of preseason so far). Kerr loves bigs that can pass and I see an uptick in Chriss' assists. He's definitely going to have a role on this team, the question is who gets cut in favour of him. My guess is McKinnie because he has a non-guaranteed deal and he has not been playing well this preseason. I know people want a joke that it's Marquese Chriss but he's going to play minutes at least to begin the year and we already know that when he plays he puts up numbers, just like Terrence Jones. The difference is that Terrence Jones didn't get consistent minutes (recent years) whereas GSW has no good centers other than Looney who is injured and the team prefers not to start, so Chriss has a role already, that can change once WCS returns but until then he should play consistent minutes. And it's not like WCS is some stud so if Chriss kept the starting spot I wouldn't be shocked. What I am confident in is that he puts up good numbers at least until WCS is back. So I would definitely draft him late or pick him up off the wire and then reassess later.
  4. Yeah I wasn't saying he will average those numbers or even close. He won't average 36 minutes either. But I was replying to the dude saying he was cooked and the numbers show he is clearly not.
  5. He didn't play heavy minutes last year, but he still was very productive in the minutes he did play as his per 36 numbers were some of the best of his career. And when he played without Gobert (1110 minutes), his per 36 numbers were insane: 21.3/13.9/2.0/1.2/2.6.
  6. I'm surprised you have PG so high. How many games are you expecting from him? I heard/read that he's expected to miss the first 4-6 weeks of the season.
  7. Those are different from "declining". He is declining, but not at the rate people think.
  8. In the 727 minutes Chris Paul played without James Harden last season, Paul averaged 22.5 points, 12.5 assists, and 5.4 rebounds on 58.1 TS% per 36 minutes. Rockets had a +10.4 Net Rating in those minutes. Chris Paul was still putting up monster numbers last season without Harden, and his team was doing well too as the +10.4 net rating shows. He's going to be the lead ball handler again in OKC so his numbers should be better than last year. I do expect him to be traded at some point though.
  9. I'm no Dwight fan, but after the Boogie injury, it was clear they weren't going into the season again with McGee as their only center (since AD won't play significant minutes there it looks like). I don't get how Melo fits anyway (beyond the fact that he's completely washed), AD/Kuzma/LeBron are going to play most of the minutes at SF/PF. What they needed with their last roster spot was a center since AD won't do it. I'm not saying Dwight is the answer, but it surely wasn't Melo.
  10. The Cousins injury hurts more than some realize IMO. Before, if you had LeBron, AD, Cousins on the floor together, you can get away with playing Rondo (who is likely their second best ball handler). Now with Cousins out and Dwight in (who can't shoot and often refuses to run P&R), spacing will become a major issue anytime Dwight and Rondo share the floor together. AD's reluctance to play the 5 doesn't help that. I think the Lakers biggest weakness is their lack of a reliable secondary ball handler and that issue got worse after Boogie's injury IMO. I don't trust guys like Caruso (unproven) and Cook/KCP/Bradley (not PGs) to be that player. That's going to put more pressure on LeBron to carry the load. For the regular season that should be ok. In the playoffs that will be an issue.