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  1. Not cool man joking about a long term injury involving surgery, just get out of here unless you have something decent to contribute.
  2. Paul George's shoulder's may not last 2 years. Leonard finished last season basically playing on 1 leg. Lakers will crush them.
  3. Denver are just too stacked for him to make the jump into top 3-5 territory. Best case the plateau continues.
  4. Both point league god's, especially Terry. If Delon can improve his shooting he could wind up being one of the best sleepers this season. Doubtful that Terry will but his stocks will be off the charts.
  5. Absolutely but LeVert is clearly the 2nd best player on this team this season. Can you imagine the tutelage LeVert will soak up from 2 superstars? When he hits his prime 28, Irving will be 31 & KD 34 likely under load management, or even more likely on other teams.
  6. LeVert will feast when this guy inevitably goes out.
  7. Mitchell, he'll turn into a god when father time catches up with Conley. He's the Jazz franchise. Booker's the Suns franchise.
  8. Sexton Hayward Favors. Can't see Favors lasting too long as a Pelican despite this season's popcorn stats. Hayward will surprise a lot of people, didn't even go home to San Diego remained in Boston with the staff & coaches, who love him and are all in, to prepare at full strength. Dedicated. Chip firmly on his shouder. Don't sleep.
  9. JJJ could breakout before the new year, whole fteam will run through him.
  10. Age might be a factor with Ingles, but disregarding that do you think his value can stay the same or will he take a hit with a more capable true PG in Conley being there? Donovan taking the 3rd year leap forward may also dent Ingles value too.
  11. LBJ maybe father time Jokic JJJ hilarious.
  12. Best player alive until father time steps in to say otherwise, it may be this season may not be. We're gonna miss the GOAT when his prime is up.